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Welcome to the gallery! Please enjoy browsing through photos of all the wonderful things that happen in our school.

It's Better By Bus Assembly

We had a visitor come and tell us all the reasons why it is better to travel by bus instead of car. We learnt that 90% of buses in Liverpool are now electric, which means they charge over night and don't use fuel. This is great for helping to protect our environment as it reduces the amount of pollution. Most buses now have free Wi-Fi and chargers so you can easily charge your phone, Ipad or anything else electrical as you ride the bus! Travelling by bus means families can travel together and chat or play games, instead of one person having to concentrate on the driving. It is also quicker to travel by bus as there are bus lanes that only buses can travel through when it is busy. You can also save money travelling by bus as you don't need to worry about expensive car parking fees. We also learnt that if you are ever lost, you can stop a bus and ask the driver if they can help you by either calling someone or directing you where to go. Hope this has inspired you to choose a bus instead of a car as much as it did us! Feel free to have a look at our photos from the fantastic assembly. smiley

Better By Bus Assembly

Better By Bus Assembly 1
Better By Bus Assembly 2
Better By Bus Assembly 3
Better By Bus Assembly 4
Better By Bus Assembly 5
Better By Bus Assembly 6