Melling Primary School

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Apter Cup (week 13)

This child is an absolute superstar. He is considerate and thoughtful in every way. He always has a smile on his face when he arrives at school and he brightens up the room when he walks in. He often offers to help out and always has an interesting contribution in classroom discussions. He shows  kindness and generosity frequently and it is easy to see how much he cares for the rest of the children in the class.  Added to this, we are extremely impressed by the amount of effort this young man puts into all his classwork. He is naturally curious and eager to gain knowledge in all the subjects we are studying. He may have a naturally quiet demeanour, but he is good fun and a strong personality that shows great determination and you deserve this coveted award. Well done young man!

Courtesy Cup winner (week 11)

A huge congratulations to this young lady. All of the staff in Y4 would like to say how impressed we have been by the tremendous politeness of this child.  She never forgets to say please and thank you to every small gesture and always says it with such a lovely smile.  She has such a warm heart too. From her behaviour both in class and on the playground it is clear to see that she is considerate, genuine and sincere in whatever she says and does, added to the fact that she is a pleasure to be around! . She will readily go out of her way to help others – staff and pupils alike plus she is light-hearted and fun. This young lady is a delight to have in the class and we are proud to award her the Courtesy Cup. Well done.



                                                      Cullen Cup

We are very proud of this amazing child who is such is a lovely member of the class. She always tries her best and is really happy to contribute in lessons. She has earned the Cullen Cup because of the high standard of presentation of her work in every subject. Her writing is neat – even when we are doing class work on the white-boards!  She pays attention to detail and is superb at following instructions at all times. She is consistently well presented herself with a smart uniform and, to top it off, never fails to have a warm smile beaming at anyone she meets. We are very lucky to have this child in Y4. Well done on a well-deserved award!

                                       Apter Cup
Well done to this brilliant young student she is a shining example to everyone. We are always impressed by her generosity and kindness to all. At play times she shows friendship to all and includes everyone in the games that she plays. What’s more, she makes sure that everyone is treated fairly. In class, she is sensible, polite and a hard worker, she willingly accepts any challenge that may come her way and gives it her all. She always has a warm smile, making everyone else feel happy and is a pleasure to have in school. Her demeanour demonstrates a maturity beyond her years and her calm, collected nature will I’m sure, get her far in life. What a superstar!