Melling Primary School

March 2021 Reopening

Parents and Carers, please take time to read and take note of the Reopening Plan for Monday 8th March. There are a few amendments from the last reopening so it is vitally important that you do read the whole document. Please also read the few headlines below that may help for a smooth transition:


-Full school uniform with the usual guidelines for hair, no jewellery, no large bags, school shoes must be worn; PE kits to be worn to school on PE days.

-We are still maintaining class bubbles and the same staggered start and finish times.


-One parent/carer only to drop off or collect (please wear a mask).


-Only parents of YR children should use the one way system around the playground at drop-off time and only YR, Y1 and Y2 parents should use the one way system at collection times - all other parents should remain outside of the school premises - socially distanced.


-School lunches need to be booked by the Wednesday before (so school lunches for the week beginning 8th March will need to be booked on the ParentPay system by Wednesday 3rd March).


Guidance for booking school lunches

Hot dinner 

There is an option for a hot meal every day, this will come with a drink and a cake or yoghurt.

We have discovered that you will be prompted to choose a second option of sausage roll, pasta or crisps with the hot meal, and these options will highlight in blue.  Please DO NOT click these options as they are a second choice to go with the sandwich or wrap option (see below) and will count as two meals.  You will then be charged twice.



Sandwich or wrap option

Only choose a second option i.e. sausage roll/pasta/crisps, when selecting a sandwich or wrap. You should have two selections highlighted in green as your choices for sandwich or wrap.


*Orders are sent to the kitchen every Wednesday. Please have your orders in by then for the following week. Book for the term if possible.


Guidance for booking Breakfast & After School (Dolphin) Club

All booking should now be done via the following email address , not via Parent Pay.   You will get a response to confirm your booking and a reminder to pay at the end of each week. Children may only attend if a place has been confirmed as numbers are limited to 30.  Charges will be on Parent Pay each Friday and must be paid in order to secure any future bookings.  All money owed for use of these clubs must have been cleared before a place can be booked.


Many thanks

Please now read the reopening plan document for more details.


Y5 Y6 Permission to walk home form