Melling Primary School

Design Technology

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S.T.E.M. Whole School Days at Melling

Easter Gardens

Easter Bonnets

Year Six

Exploring how ancient civilisations designed and made objects in the past

Year Five

Year Five making and testing paper helicopters

Year Four

Year Three

Year Two

We made and baked bread as part of our topic on the Great Fire of London

Year One

We tried to be healthy by making tuna pasta.

We found more ways of eating vegetables by making vegetable pizzas.

We made Chinese New Year Puppets with big opening and closing mouths.

We chopped and sliced fruit to make fruit kebabs, learning about our 5-a-day.

We explored how to turn a liquid into something we could mould with our hands and we made cloud dough - it was very messy but fun!

We mixed and cooked pancakes...mmm!

We love using the lego to make models - strong, tall towers and bridges are our favourite!

Baking cakes is so much fun - it's like magic when they come out of the oven!

These butter biscuits were so easy to make and baked in no time!


Our funky fingers were great at making clay lanterns for Diwali.

Our imaginations ran wild when we made these spider puppets!

We cooked Chinese Food and it was so tasty!

We were very inspired in our class by Chinese New Year!

We know how to measure and mix ingredients to make cakes.

We designed and made harvest Hats.

We are so proud of our clay hedgehogs!

We made fruit smoothies and they were delicious!