Melling Primary School

Year One Letters Home

Y1 Parents

Please log on to Education City so that your child can complete their homework. New homework will be set every Friday.

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End of Spring Term - Easter Holiday

Education City activities have been set for the holiday and reading books have been sent home. Just to repeat that, given the difficult times we have recently been experiencing, we have worked really hard to help the children to make up lost ground with additional activities in class. One of these is reading daily, rather than the usual three times weekly, and we hope that you are able to follow this up at home with daily reading too - your child will thank you for it! PLEASE REMEMBER TO SIGN THE READING RECORD AFTER EVERY READ. 


Happy Easter families - we hope you have a nice and well earned break!

Kind regards

Miss Roberts



Class Update - 10th December 2020


The homework currently set on Education City will run until the end of term. There will be no homework set over Christmas but reading books will be sent home for the holiday. Parents, please check at home for any school uniform that belongs to our class cupboard as we are running very low - some class clothes have not been returned over the Autumn term.

Many thanks

Miss Roberts

Class Update - 4th December 2020

Y1 will be recording their Mini-Christmas performance on 14th December and will need a Christmas jumper and hat/antlers/bow for this day please. Please wear normal joggers on the bottom as it is a P.E. day! Homework has been set as normal tonight and will run for TWO WEEKS. This will be the last homework of the Autumn term, although books will still be sent home until the end of term and for the Christmas holiday.

After Christmas, children will move to reading from the reading scheme in school three times a week (this is the normal reading frequency for Year One). However, I will still do my DAILY READING LESSON first thing each day (it is then that children are taught reading skills that they practise with the reading scheme) and children will still read daily in this reading lesson. Books will be sent home three times a week also, but we encourage you to still read every day at home - by splitting longer books up over two days, or by reading one book each night for those who bring home two books. If you have any questions about this, please email or phone me anytime.

Kind regards

Miss Roberts

Class Update - 27th November

Welcome back everyone after the week at home! Hopefully the homeworking went well and children enjoyed their time working in their pyjamas, instead of school uniform! Just a quick note to say homework has been set tonight as usual for a Friday and is now live on Education City. We are currently practising for a mini-Christmas class performance - for remote viewing - and will send details of this soon, so watch this space!

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Roberts 

6th November - Week 10 Update

Education City homework has resumed this week and will continue now until Christmas. It will be run as before - set every Friday for the following Friday - and I hope you are enjoying completing it children! Reading will continue daily until Christmas - the children are really improving with this extra reading - but after Christmas we will move to three times a week for everyone. I will let you know around Christmas time which days your child will be reading. Purple Mash, the online learning platform, has also opened its annual Christmas Card Competition - if you think your child might be interested, please log onto their site for details.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Roberts



We still have two school t-shirts and four school jumpers (from the last four weeks) in our lost property box in Y1. Please check this box if your child is missing an item of uniform.

24th September - Week 4 Update

Thanks again parents for supporting your children with the home reading and weekly homework - most children are reading every night so THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! A new unit of homework has been set on Education City today and this will run as usual for a week - children who have been completing this homework have been telling me how much they are enjoying the activities! Just a reminder that you DO NOT need to send pumps in for P.E. days - please just send children to school wearing trainers those days.

many thanks 

Miss Roberts

18th September - Week 3 Update

Year One Pro-Skills After School Club will be starting on Monday 21st September (letter below) - please respond A.S.A.P.  Homework has been set again on Education City - many thanks to parents who are helping their children to succeed by logging onto this homework! Reading is still every day and books need to be sent in daily (signed please) - thanks also parents for the time spent sharing books with your children!

Many thanks and kind regards

Miss Roberts 

11th September - WEEK 2 Update


Just to let you know the first homework has been set this week on Education City and Education City log-in cards have been attached to the front of yellow reading record diaries. It will last for a week and new homework will be set again next Friday. Please send in a message A.S.A.P. if you cannot access this.

Pro Skills Sport After School Club

4th September Week 1 Update

Hopefully we are back to more of a normal routine now - the children have been very good, settling down to their new classroom and to all our new ways of working!

Reading Routines:

Reading will begin Monday 7th in class every day and books will be sent home every day to be read at home - either a new book or the same one to be repeated, in order to build fluency.  Once this book has been read at home, please sign the reading record and return it with the reading book the next day so that a new book can be sent home. 


School dinner is currently a packed lunch only and we can provide one for every child. Because of the needs for additional hygiene, morning snack is limited to 10.30, just before playtime and lunch is served at 12.00. We hope that we will be receiving a fruit delivery daily, but this hasn't started yet, so please ensure your child has a morning snack. During the afternoon, children can snack at any time (they will be asked to wash hands before this) so please send in plenty of snacks for the whole day for your child. It is also important to send in an individual drink bottle daily, as milk is currently not being provided for the children.


As stated before, P.E. will be on Monday and Thursday and it will start next week. Please send children into school already dressed in outdoor P.E. kits on both these days.


Homework will be set online on Education City every Friday and this will begin next Friday,  11th September. Log-ins will be attached to the front of yellow reading record diaries. Any phonics sets, Magic Moments books etc. that were sent home in YR will no longer be sent home and these are now yours to keep. We will also be sending home your child's books from YR next week and these are also yours to keep.

General reminders:

Children are encouraged to have their own hand sanitiser and tissues to keep in their individual drawers in class but do not require pencil cases as they have individual pencil pots.


Hopefully this is all clear, but any questions please feel free to ask me.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Roberts