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10 Reasons Why Reading is Important for Children:


1. It expands their vocabulary.

While reading, they might come across words they have never heard – prompting them to find out what they mean. As a result, they add it to their vocabulary.


2. It makes them better at it.

Practice makes perfect, right? The best way to get better at reading is just to do it!


3. It helps build independence and self-confidence.

As they learn that they no longer have to rely on their parents to read things to them, they develop a sense of independence. Through reading, they can begin to understand the world on their own.


4. It keeps them safe.

Traffic signs have words and so do warning labels. Reading allows kids to understand when something says it could harm them.


5. It helps them make sense of the world around them.

As they learn to read they are able to determine what things around them say – from signs to stickers to labels. Being able to read helps them understand what is what and the purpose it serves.


6. It leads to their future academic success.

A child must be able to read in order to even progress through school. Reading is essential to following the instructions on the test and being able to even understand or answer the questions.


7. It enhances their imagination.

As a child reads, they can begin to imagine where the characters are. They might even create their own little world, as well. Reading enhances their imagination by forcing them to picture what the character actually looks like and who they are.


8. It entertains them.

It gives them something good to do – especially once they can start reading chapter books with no pictures, forcing them to really get into their imagination and therefore, really get into the book as well.


9. It improves their grammar.

Through reading, they can see how the author composed their sentence structure and grammar. This can also help improve their communication skills as they determine how it should be read using clues such as punctuation.


10. It improves their writing skills.

Because reading helps improve their vocabulary, communication, and grammar skills, it ultimately improves their writing skills as well.


Reading is essential to just about everything in life – from cooking to driving to just getting through school. It is important to start at a young age and teach your child the value of reading so they will grow to practice it often and value their ability to do so.