Melling Primary School


Tree planting at Rainbow Park - what a fantastic morning!

Well done to two of our eco-club members (Zach and Evan) and Olivia, who learnt the script for the battery assembly at such short notice! And an extra 'wow' for Evan's amazing battery costume! Such superstars! I'm sure every class loved the assembly, I certainly did!

Excellent work!

We are taking part in a very exciting campaign called the Big Battery Hunt. In school, we will be learning about how important it is to recycle batteries and what happens when people do not. Your child has been challenged to find and collect as many batteries as possible, please help them do this. Let's make sure no battery ends up in landfill.

Your child has been supplied with a collection box, please get them to bring this into school when it is full so that we can add it to the main container and enter the competition.

Please visit for more information about the campaign plus a break-down of all the prizes that the school and your child could win.


*See the base of your collection box for safety instructions.


The competition ends on Monday 3rd June, so please make sure your child brings in their batteries before then.

Our Big Beach Clean Up


Thank you so much to all the families and staff who came to help clean up the beach. It was a lovely morning and we collected lots of small bits of plastic such as straws, bottle tops, bits of wrappers etc. Lucky Leyton even found a £5 note!! It's nice to think that we stopped these bits of plastic from polluting our oceans and that we have had a little positive impact on the marine life. We will look forward to working with Sefton Coastal team to do more beach clean ups in the future. Those children who helped will receive 2 stars for 'giving is better than receiving' - a huge well done and thank you!



David Attenborough's Plastic Message

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There is a huge need for action around the world - changes are being made - let's work together to keep this up!

A Fantastic Visit to Gillmoss Recycle Centre. Our Eco-council also did a wonderful dance on recycling but wouldn't let me put it on here!!

Waste Week: Monday 11th March

We will be taking part in Waste Week and focusing on how we can reduce food and packaging waste both in school and at home. Our dedicated Eco-committee will be holding an assembly and will also be visiting Gillmoss Recycling Centre to learn about waste and how it can be reduced or recycled. Please take a look at the documents below as they give great tips on how you could reduce food waste and recycle plastics.

Eco Code of Conduct 2018-2019

The RSPB School Bird Watch

We took part in the PSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch to help the RSPB to create a 'picture' of how birds are doing across the UK. The data we collected will help the RSPB to work out what birds are in trouble and how they can help them. Last year over 90,000 pupils and teachers took part. They found that the blackbird, starling and house sparrow topped the charts for the three most spotted species of birds across the UK. We look forward to finding if that has changed this year when the RSPB releases the results collected soon!

Melling Certificate for taking part of the Big Schools' Birdwatch!

Eco-club have been hard at work planting!

When the tulips, crocuses, daffodils and grape hyacinths start blooming early in the spring, our school garden will be bursting with colour.

Switch Off Fortnight 2018

Our Eco-reps will be monitoring wastage in school, ensuring we are saving as much energy as possible. Try to save energy at home too - just by turning plug sockets off at night before going to bed could save lots of energy!



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Hedgehog Homes and Bug Hotels


Eco-clubbers have been working hard to create lovely hedgehog and bug homes for them to stay safe and warm during the colder months.

-  90% of buses in Liverpool are now electric, which means they charge over night and don't use fuel. This is great for helping to protect our environment as it reduces the amount of pollution. - Most buses now have free Wi-Fi and chargers so you can easily charge your phone, I-pad or anything else electrical as you ride the bus!

- Travelling by bus means families can travel together and chat or play games, instead of one person having to concentrate on the driving.

- It is also quicker to travel by bus as there are bus lanes that only buses can travel through when it is busy.

- You can also save money travelling by bus as you don't need to worry about expensive car parking fees.

- If you are ever lost, you can stop a bus and ask the driver if they can help you by either calling someone or directing you where to go.