Melling Primary School

Pupil Premium

The pupil premium is additional funding given to schools to narrow attainment gaps between disadvantaged pupils and other pupils.  It is paid for all pupils who are eligible for free school meals, or who have claimed free meals in the last six years.  For the academic year 2021-2022, pupil premium eligibility was temporarily extended to pupils with no recourse to public funds, this has now been made permanent.  Pupil premium plus is paid for every pupil who has left local authority care through adoption, a special guardianship order or child arrangements order.  The service premium is paid for every pupil with a parent serving in the forces or who is retired on a Ministry of Defence pension.  The rates for pupil premium are published each year and allocated on a per-pupil basis.  This information is available on the link below.


Academic year 2021-22 we received £49,730 pupil premium funding.

Academic year 2022-23 we received £57,050 pupil premium funding.

Academic year 2023-24 we received £54,105 pupil premium funding.


Our key objective in using the funding is to narrow the gap between pupil groups. As a school, we have a very good track record of ensuring that children make good progress.  Levels of attainment can be lower for some children who may be disadvantaged - this is a national trend.


Our funding has been used to improve teaching and to provide extended support and tailored interventions in order to impact on pupils' attainment and progress.  The implementation of the pupil premium strategy is monitored by the governing body to ensure that the funding is used in identifiable ways and to assess its impact on attainment and progress. 


The use of funding has had a significant positive impact on children’s attainment. We are delighted with our results, which show that the school has maintained its high standards. The results reflect the hard work of all staff; excellent partnerships with parents and families, and a determination to ensure EVERY child succeeds in being the best they can be.


Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium funding, how we allocate the funding and the impact this has on an annual basis.


Letter of congratulations from the Government