Melling Primary School

Meet Melling Junior Parish Council!

Hi my name is Emma, I am nine years old and I am in year five. I think I can change Melling with some ideas of mine. I am thrilled that I was elected In the Melling Junior Parish Council. I am reliable, honest, hardworking, trustworthy, committed and enthusiastic. I have a few ideas for Melling. My first suggestion is that we need Bill Esterson our M.P or P.C Miley to sort Rainbow Park. We need to cover up the den so no teenagers can set a fire or drink alcohol in there. Also in Rainbow Park we can use the big space on the field by putting a footy pitch there. We could use the scout hut by doing an art club. Maybe we could have a scooter/skateboard park. We could ask P.C Miley, Bill Esterson and the Sefton Council. I think very serious to the Melling Junior Parish Council.


Hello my name is Grace and I am from y5. I am very happy to be elected for the Melling Junior Parish Council and can’t wait to see how I emerge! I think melling is Great but there are a few problems here and there. What i first want to suggest is to get Rainbow Park fixed. Why I would like Rainbow Park fixed is there is a part of it that isn’t really that nice. Here is a list of what I have found there: Wooden shard, spilt spray paint, dog muck, Graffitti, and a Lucazade bottle. There is a lot more where that came from as well! This may seem a lot, but there is someone who can fix it- Bill Esterson. How Bill Esterson can help us is by hiring some builders to fix the park as he is the MP of melling. This is probably something everyone in the junior Parish would like.

Thank you for reading

Hello my name is Kadie and I am estatic about being a member of the Melling Parish Council.I received my place in  the council over a year ago. I have always been interested in the council ever since my sister Aimee was in the council and had a brilliant idea to bring fruit to suit [also known as tuck] into our school. I have many ideas on how to improve our parks :


  • Have a police officer who patrols the park

  • CCTV camera hidden in the park

I’m Jack Derbyshire and I'm thrilled to be a member of the Melling Junior Parish Council. I’m very bothered about Rainbow Park. At the back of the park there is a gap between the bushes and kids keep going into a base there it’s very dangerous because there’s nettles. They could also climb a tree and break heir arm so I think we should cover it up so they can’t get in it. Hopefully we can get in touch with Sefton Council and ask them to cover it up . Thank you.


Hi  I’m Jess, I’m thrilled  to be in the Melling Junior parish council. As  you all very well know Melling  is not a very safe and clean place right now , but hopefully we can change  that  because   we are going to contact  the police and Bill Esterson  and Mrs Beaumont. We are going to ask them if they  would just give a little bit more support  around Melling so fingers crossed it  will all change  Jess Y6.


My name is Aimee. I am nearly 11 years old. I love being in the Melling Junior Parish Council. It has helped me understand so many things. I have been in the Melling BTB team for longer but this is as much fun as that. I am in Y6. I really love being in the council. It’s one of the best things that have happened to me so far. I am very lucky to be in it.


Hello everybody, my name is Kristian. As some of you may know, I was elected for prime minister of Melling Primary last year. I give good ideas to our locality and also help with Melling In Bloom. Surely you must have heard about the incidents in the park and that is where I come in. If this does not stop, it will decrease in popularity and Melling may become desolate. This may become a big problem and we need it to stop.

Thank you for reading about me,

Kristian Myers Y6


My name is Abbi, I am delighted to be in council and I have a few good ideas about what I would like to change and fix. An idea about Rainbow Park is to put  CCTV cameras around the area. I also have an idea for the Jockey Park is to try to stop the anti-social behaviour that is around the area. People should be able to play in the park, But unfortunately if this behaviour carries on people won’t be safe.


Hello my name Hannah. I am in year six .At the weekend, I looked at the park and I found some problems .The litter ,dog muck and the graffiti are just some of them but we all know the knifse and drugs are the things we are worrying about most .I have came up with a solution :we will call Bill Esterson (our local MP)and ask him to get more police men or women to patrol Melling .That means once again our area will be a safe place again.  


 I am Hannah and I am 10 years old. My hobby is football. I would like to help keep the park free from drugs and alcoholics . Plus, because I love football ,I want to make a new football pitch for the park, but there is a good part of Melling -it’s a small country side village and will be better by blocking the park dens off with wire. Unfortunately, there is really bad language in the park which we don't like!




Hi my name is Rosie, I am 9 years old and I thank you for electing me in to the parish council. You can trust me- I am fun and serious at the same time. I am not sure about people smoking in a children’s community. It is not safe, because it is not good for children’s lungs. I found a den in Rainbow Park where people drink and throw glass bottles around. Teenagers climb trees and they can hurt themselves. Children see them and go in the den and climb the trees and they don’t have an adult with them. They can get seriously hurt. It is not good to see that- sometimes it is people in our school. There are drugs and loads of alcohol bottles around the place. Children might pick them up and they might get hurt. The football pitch should get some astro turf so children don’t fall over. I want P.C MILEY to look around the park to find all the drugs and the council to fix the wall.