Melling Primary School

Remote Learning

Parents guide to Google Classroom

This video runs through how to use Google Classroom from a student's point of view so parents can feel confident with helping their child.

On Monday 11th January 2021, our remote learning policy (see below) was actioned due to another national lockdown in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19.  All information relating to the Melling approach to remote learning is stated in this document.


As of September 2021, classes are not expected to stay in bubbles and children's classes will not be routinely closed if a person they have come into close contact with tests positive - unless there is a decision to do so as advised by Public Health.


Of course, we understand that should a class closure have to happen, this creates a stressful time for families and we always endeavor to ensure that we support everyone.  We also fully appreciate that all family situations are unique and what works for one, may not work for another.  If you do have concerns or problems, please raise them with the school in the appropriate manner.  Email the class teacher on the class email address and they will respond as soon as they can.  Our children's well-being is at the heart of what we do and this is of the utmost importance to us.