Melling Primary School

Year 1

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If you have a more urgent message please ring the office.

Courtesy Cup Winner 18.9.20

This week's Courtesy Cup goes to Olivia Baxendale. What a worthy winner! Olivia has lovely manners and always remembers to say PLEASE and THANK-YOU to her friends and to the teachers. She is courteous to her friends, playing nicely, taking turns and helping others whenever she can. Olivia is helpful in class to the teachers and always does her bit to help at tidy-time. She is a lovely girl and deserves to be a winner today! WELL DONE OLIVIA X

18th September - Week 3 Update

Year One Pro-Skills After School Club will be starting on Monday 21st September (letter below) - please respond A.S.A.P.  Homework has been set again on Education City - many thanks to parents who are helping their children to succeed by logging onto this homework! Reading is still every day and books need to be sent in daily (signed please) - thanks also parents for the time spent sharing books with your children!

Many thanks and kind regards

Miss Roberts 

Y1 Pro Skills Sport After School Club

Fun playing in Y1!

We've been getting to grips with the toys and choosing activities in the Y1 garden and classroom.

We have had fun helping children get better in the Medical Centre, we've been making models and we've played in the sand and water...SUCH FUN!

Counting Sets up to 20

We have been practising our counting skills and making sure that we can recognise all the numbers. We were great!

Y1 Worry Dolls

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We talked about what a worry is and if we had any. Some of us had a worry or two and some of us didn't have any worries at all! We made Worry Dolls so that we could talk about and solve all our worries.

11th September - WEEK 2 Update


Just to let you know the first homework has been set this week on Education City and Education City log-in cards have been attached to the front of yellow reading record diaries. It will last for a week and new homework will be set again next Friday. Please send in a message A.S.A.P. if you cannot access this.


Can you recognise each other from these excellent self-portraits?


4th September Week 1 Update

Hopefully we are back to more of a normal routine now - the children have been very good, settling down to their new classroom and to all our new ways of working!


Reading Routines:

Reading will begin Monday 7th in class every day and books will be sent home every day to be read at home - either a new book or the same one to be repeated, in order to build fluency.  Once this book has been read at home, please sign the reading record and return it with the reading book the next day so that a new book can be sent home. 



School dinner is currently a packed lunch only and we can provide one for every child. Because of the needs for additional hygiene, morning snack is limited to 10.30, just before playtime and lunch is served at 12.00. We hope that we will be receiving a fruit delivery daily, but this hasn't started yet, so please ensure your child has a morning snack. During the afternoon, children can snack at any time (they will be asked to wash hands before this) so please send in plenty of snacks for the whole day for your child. It is also important to send in an individual drink bottle daily, as milk is currently not being provided for the children.



As stated before, P.E. will be on Monday and Thursday and it will start next week. Please send children into school already dressed in outdoor P.E. kits on both these days.



Homework will be set online on Education City every Friday and this will begin next Friday,  11th September. Log-ins will be attached to the front of yellow reading record diaries. Any phonics sets, Magic Moments books etc. that were sent home in YR will no longer be sent home and these are now yours to keep. We will also be sending home your child's books from YR next week and these are also yours to keep.


General reminders:

Children are encouraged to have their own hand sanitiser and tissues to keep in their individual drawers in class but do not require pencil cases as they have individual pencil pots.


Hopefully this is all clear, but any questions please feel free to ask me.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Roberts

Welcome Back Year One!

It's good to be back and it's great to think that we can all get back to learning in school with our friends again!


School starts at 9.00 am and children should be dropped off at the school gate.

School finishes at 3.20 pm and children should be collected from the playground (the class T.A. will bring the children onto the playground).


P.E. days will be Monday and Thursday - please send children into school dressed in outdoor P.E. kits (joggers, t-shirt, trainers/pumps) on these days, beginning Monday 7th September.


We all look forward to seeing you again and to a fun, exciting term ahead!


Miss Roberts and the Y1 Team x