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FRIDAY UPDATE: 12th June 2015

Hello again from Year One. Just to let you know that homework has been set again today for the following fortnight...have fun with that! Also, there will be a (cheap and cheerful) book sale under the canopy this week, with lots of great books up for grabs. Please let us know if you are available for the Pedestrian Training activities coming up on 23rd, 24th and 25th June as all your help will be greatly appreciated.

Have a great week with, hopefully, lots of sunny weather!

Check out these cup winners in Y1. You guys make us really proud...

Have fun browsing through our photograph album. DON'T FORGET, JUST CLICK ON AN IMAGE TO ENLARGE IT so you can see our gorgeous children in all their glory! What a good looking class!

    SUMMER TERM 2015


Watch this space to see how our garden grows...

22nd May These are the new plants we have recently planted. There are sunflowers, cosmos, marigolds, dahlias, tomatoes and peas. Nothing to show from our bean seeds yet though.


Year One getting stuck into maths work on pictograms.


what a great day we had!

(and the Guide told us that we answered more questions than any other school

AND that all the children were so polite...WOW)

We've been going MODEL MAD in Y1...check out these creations! Don't you just love Lily's animals made from the multi-link cubes? Well done Lily, they are so CREATIVE!



BONJOUR Barnaby...back from his travels in France with a bag full of goodies for us to taste! We have had a lovely day today, Friday 22nd May, with Barnaby Bear. He has begun to tell us all about France, showing us the pictures of him after he had been to the top of the Eiffel what a height! He brought back some euros for us to see and showed us his French scrapbook which we will be reading with him after the half term. Children, don't forget to keep using those French words you have been learning. 

Year One getting into the spirit of the General Election with a class debate about homework! Can you guess how the vote went?

We have been finding out about the textures of different materials. What do you think about the materials we chose to make our FEELY FACES? Click on the images to see some GIANT FACES!


IT'S A MATERIAL WORLD! We have been learning about the names and characteristics of different materials. We made labels to match objects around our class.

   SPRING TERM 2015  

Keep your eyes peeled for those daffodils!

HISTORY CAME TO YEAR ONE FOR THE DAY...check out these fabulous costumes!

Just look how hard everyone worked, learning how to be Victorian servants. Parents, don't take any more excuses about MESSY BEDROOMS!

Learning to play like a Victorian child was SO MUCH FUN!



We had the best Family Learning Day ever! Children, teachers and parents all had a great morning and the children got a chance to show off all their KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS to the parents and grandparents who came. THANK YOU SO MUCH ADULTS FOR COMING ALONG AND JOINING IN!


Check out this phonics work from Year One. Test yourself...can you read all these words?

Red Nose Day comes to Year One! Check out these funny creations...

Stories from other cultures in Year One.

We read the Chinese New Year Fable and made Chinese Dragon Masks...


All dressed up for WORLD BOOK DAY

Do you recognise any of these characters?

WORLD BOOK DAY...sharing books with children in Year Three.

Year One Phonics Sound Mats: please use these soundmats to keep track of the sounds your child will be learning:



We are all very excited that Barnaby the Travelling Teddy has finally arrived in Year 1. He will be telling us all about his time in Dublin, then it's off to France for another holiday before he returns to Melling in May. We have shown Barnaby some of the work we have been doing to learn about maps, globes, atlases, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. Barnaby was very impressed with all our knowledge, so well done children!


Year One took part in a Get Fit Challenge with Mr Millington on Friday 6th February. Practising a range of skills, we all got warm on a very cold day and had lots of fun along the way!




Check out these football skills in Year One. We are doing a topic in PE on kicking and we think we are getting pretty good at some of the skills. We even had some mini-matches to put our skills into good use.

Year One children have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY working on 2D and 3D shapes in class and for homework. We have all learnt so much but can you do the Y1 CHALLENGE? Check out the pictures below and see if you can name every shape in them...GOOD LUCK!

Autumn Term 2014

SANTA AND THE SNOWMOBILE...I haven't laughed so much in ages! (Miss Roberts)

SEASONAL CHANGE...Winter's on its way in Year One! We have already been learning about Autumn and now the Winter is about to arrive. Check out these groovy looking snowmen, with more to follow...

Getting stuck into matching the coins with the money labels in Week 11. Look how well the children in Y1 work make us so proud!

SPOOKY!!! What a great night out...the PTFA Autumn Disco! Make sure you come along to the February Disco next year guys.

We've all gone Money Mad in Year One! What a tricky subject, but we're working hard and counting up all those coins...

Working very hard and concentrating like mad! We wrote firework poems to go with our firework pictures. You should see the excellent adjectives we used!

What a great time we had making these firework pictures in Week 10. Everyone was so enthusiastic...Mason asked about three times "Is it my turn yet?" then spent about forty minutes creating his masterpiece! We were so impressed with the real care the children showed making these beautiful pictures. WELL DONE EVERYONE.

What a creative week we had in Week 7! We have been back to our puppet topic again, so check out these fabulous creations...
WOW...look how our gymnastics work is progressing in Week 6! Spiderman has nothing on those guys on the large apparatus!

What a funny looking bunch these strange vegetables are! Here are just some of the funny vegetables brought in by the children in Y1.

Busy Bees in Y1...getting stuck into some of the classroom activities in week 6! I love your ENORMOUS smiles guys!

An Autumn Day out at Windmill Farm


What a GREAT time we all had at Windmill Farm this week. Thank you so much to parents and grandparents who came along and helped, we couldn't have done it without you! Not only did we have a great time in all the fabulous areas, like the adventure playground, the maize maze and the ball pool but we actually witnessed some piglets being cute!



What a Grand Day Out!