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What is RWI?

World Down Syndrome Day 2024


The 21st day of March (the 3rd month of the year) was selected to signify the uniqueness of the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome which causes Down syndrome. We will be celebrating this year by asking children to wear odd socks. #,create%20awareness%20about%20Down%20syndrome.


Poetry Cafe

Creating Patterns with nature

The magic of soap!

Baking Bread

Multiplication with cubes

Snow day!

Christmas party 21.12.23


Just a reminder that tomorrow is Christmas party day. Children may bring in some party snacks to enjoy in the afternoon. They are also allowed to bring in toys to play with during their celebrations. 
Thank you,

The Year Two team x 

Christmas Play- A Midwife Crisis 


Just a reminder that our school performance is on the 18th December at 3:45. Please arrive with your tickets for admission to the play of the year! 
Whilst we prepare for our school play, I have paused any formal homework so that children have time to rehearse lines. Reading books and spellings are still being sent home.

Thank you for your continued support. 
The Year Two team x 

Christmas lunch

Christmas Grotto

Materials - investigating different properties

Number lines

**Homework Update**


Hi all, 

Could I ask children to return their homework books each Monday moving forward. I know this is a change to what was previously arranged; however, it gives staff more time to mark homework and complete the spelling quiz set and return those scores on the Tuesday. Thank you for your patience! 


Miss Wood and the Year Two team x 

Build a Bridge Challenge

Partitioning Numbers

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