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Year 2

Another number challenge... We have been looking at two-digit numbers and odd and even numbers recently. We looked at various possibilities to this challenge and also thought about what are answers may have been if the questions were written in a different order. It got our brains working hard!

We love a good number challenge in Year 2! We put our reasoning skills to the test and completed the challenge, working well in pairs and building resillience along the way.

Have you seen the Highway Rat? We have been reading the fabulous story by Julia Donaldson and created some descriptive posters asking people to watch out for the Rat.

Now that we are getting good at partitioning, we are starting to add bigger numbers together, using an empty number line to help us. It's tricky, but we're doing well!

In Maths, we have been learning to partition numbers into tens and ones, using Diennes apparatus to help us and exchanging ones for tens where possible.

Year 2's Autumn Term Science Topic. We have been learning lots about Materials, their uses and how materials can change. This links nicely to our Great Fire of London History topic this term.

We had a super time during Art Week, looking at drawing techniques by a famous artist. We have been recently learning about Roald Dahl so we thought it would be a great opportunity to look at drawings by Quentin Blake.

What a smart class we are! Top of the infants and ready to learn!

What a smart class we are! Top of the infants and ready to learn! 1

Year 2 Curriculum Maps. Take a look at each of the exciting topics we study in Year 2!

Please find the Year 2 expectations for Reading, Writing and Maths.