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Watch this space for regular updates and resources to keep learning throughout the closure. There are weekly projects for children to complete in addition to the regular online homework.  Also, please scroll down for additional resources and links.  There's so much to keep you going!!


**Parents, please note that we are unable to offer printing or additional learning packs as there are not enough staff in school to be able to do so.  Thank you for understanding.**


Still missing you all lots!!!  It is now already the first week of the 2nd half of summer term.  I hope you are all keeping well and making the most of the gorgeous weather - social distancing and applying lots of sun cream of course!!  Here is the next set of learning activities to keep you going.  BTBTYCB - BE PROUD!!!!! Lots of love xxxxx


Hello everybody smiley  This week should be half term week and we should have finished the first half of the summer term in school.  It's been so long since we were together and I miss you all lots.  I am still hoping we will be back together soon to pick up where we left off.  I was only just getting to know you all before we had to do learning at home but even then, I knew you were a special group of children.  Here is the next set of activities to keep you going with your learning.  As always, lots of love to you all. XXX


I hope you are all well and keeping safe.  Here we go with some more learning activities.  Hopefully you are keeping up with all of this because your learning is so important.  But what is really really important is that you are happy and keeping a smile on your face.  Looking forward to the time we can be back together. Lots of love to you and your families xxx



Hi Y2!  Here is some more learning to keep you going.  Still missing you.  I hope everything is fine with you and your families.  Hopefully it won't be too long now before we are back together.  Lots of love to you all xxx


Wow we are entering the 7th week of school at home.  I am still missing you lots - more and more every week.  I hope you and your families are all well and keeping big smiles on your faces.  I hope to be back with you really soon.  Here is some more learning to keep you going.  Remember to keep checking the page for updates with links to websites and further resources (scroll down under the weekly tasks to find them).  Lots of love to you all xxx


Hi Y2!  Sending lots of love and best wishes to you and your families.  I hope you are getting lots of fresh air and exercise as best you can in the glorious sunshine.  Remember to watch the Bitesize Daily programmes on BBC iplayer and look at the daily lessons on the BBC Bitesize website (link below).  You can refresh your memory on what you have already learned and find out some more facts too.  Missing you lots - BTBTYCB xxx


Hello everyone!!!! I hope you have had a lovely Easter, ate some delicious chocolate and remembered to put sun-cream on while enjoying the gorgeous weather!  Well, it would be back to school this week but we have to carry on with our school at home for a while longer.  Hopefully it won't be long now until we're back together again for your last term in Y2 before you go into Y3.  This term, you are getting ready to be a junior so  here are some more learning activities for you to try and keep up with your learning.  Don't forget to scroll down this page to find lots more activities.  There are lots more being added regularly.  Lots of love to you and your families. XXX


HAPPY EASTER!!!! I am still missing you lots but I know you will be having a great time enjoying the sunshine and celebrating with your Easter treats.  Keep smiling, learning and being the best you can be.  Again, your project is optional this week as it should be the Easter holidays.  I know that you know how important your learning is so try to keep it going if you can.  How about making an Easter garden or bonnet?  Take a photo and we can share them when we get back to school.  Big hugs and lots of love xxx



Hello Y2!  It is officially the Easter holidays now and I wish you all a happy and safe time.  As this is a very unusual time and we are all missing a lot of school, there are more activities on here to keep you busy over Easter.  Your learning is still important over the next couple of weeks, so try to access Education City, Purple Mash, Times Tables Rock Stars and carry on practising reading, handwriting and spelling.  The weekly project is optional this week but you could still have a go to keep up with your learning!  Missing you lots and can't wait to see you! Remember to keep looking after the people at home and show off our marvellous Melling golden values.  XX



Hi everyone! I hope you are well, having a lovely time at home and keeping up with your learning.  I am missing you all lots and hope that everything will be back to normal very soon.  Be kind to your adults and look after everyone in your house.  Carry on being the best you can be.  Lots of love to you all and your families xxx



Thank you Y2 for being such an amazing group of children and for your superb attitude and behaviour over the last  couple of weeks.   Looking forward to seeing you soon xxx




To kickstart Science Week (week beginning 27.01.20), we have been to our school's nature trail, searching for Living things and Minibeasts.

We are working hard on multiplications and divisions in class at the minute. Any support at home would be greatly appreciated.

Happy New Year to all of the Y2 families!! Please find attached our class Spring Term newsletter.

We all had a super time at our Christmas party!

A scrumptious Christmas dinner!

Getting ready for Christmas...

What a fantastic day we have had on our Great Fire of London Workshop Day!! We traveled back in time to 1666, dressed up in fantastic costumes, learnt lots, had lots of fun and had a super afternoon filled with arts and crafts.

This week we have been thinking hard about friendship, bullying and what makes a 'Good Melling Friend'. We had some excellent discussions in class as well as in our assemblies. Take a look at some of our work we completed in Y2.

Take a look at our silhouette art work that we created, based on The Great Fire of London. It was tricky but the results were very good!

The Great Melling Bake Off... A super day of baking bread in Y2! Luckily it didn't result in a Great Fire!! As part of our History Great Fire of London topic that we are currently learning about, we were busy weighing, measuring, kneading and finding out how hard life as a baker can be. We had super results in the end with lovely tasting bread.

Children in Need Day - lots of money was raised and fun was had by all!

Children in Need Day - lots of money was raised and fun was had by all! 1
Children in Need Day - lots of money was raised and fun was had by all! 2

Another number challenge... We have been looking at two-digit numbers and odd and even numbers recently. We looked at various possibilities to this challenge and also thought about what our answers may have been if the questions were written in a different order. It got our brains working hard!

We love a good number challenge in Year 2! We put our reasoning skills to the test and completed the challenge, working well in pairs and building resillience along the way.

Have you seen the Highway Rat? We have been reading the fabulous story by Julia Donaldson and created some descriptive posters asking people to watch out for the Rat.

Now that we are getting good at partitioning, we are starting to add bigger numbers together, using an empty number line to help us. It's tricky, but we're doing well!

In Maths, we have been learning to partition numbers into tens and ones, using Diennes apparatus to help us and exchanging ones for tens where possible.

Year 2's Autumn Term Science Topic. We have been learning lots about Materials, their uses and how materials can change. This links nicely to our Great Fire of London History topic this term.

We had a super time during Art Week, looking at drawing techniques by a famous artist. We have been recently learning about Roald Dahl so we thought it would be a great opportunity to look at drawings by Quentin Blake.

What a smart class we are! Top of the infants and ready to learn!

What a smart class we are! Top of the infants and ready to learn! 1

Year 2 Curriculum Maps. Take a look at each of the exciting topics we study in Year 2!

Please find the Year 2 expectations for Reading, Writing and Maths.