Melling Primary School

Year 2

Please make sure you keep up to date with what is going on in class or for your child's work. You will need to scroll past the information sections on the class page to see the latest updates.



If your child if absent from school please check Google Classroom on a regular basis as all work and Homework will be posted on there with due dates to complete by.

Nothing needs to be printed. Please complete and send back electronically.

Please get your child to answer all questions on these and submit by end date.


If the work involves research please do not copy and paste from other web pages. Getting your child to type in their own words helps commit the information to memory. It also helps them with using a keyboard correctly and with their computing knowledge which is very important.


If you are struggling to access or unsure how to get on to Google Classroom please follow the video that has been uploaded > Class pages - home learning.

Or if you cannot access GC at all then please make sure you inform straight away please. 

Y2 Wednesday After School Sports Club November 2020

Please remember to send your child in with a water bottle daily. They can fill it as many times as they need to throughout the day.


Gentle reminder that nail varnish is not allowed on in school. Please ensure this is removed for school days.


Many thanks smiley

Friday 20th November


Cannot believe we are nearly at the end of November already. Doesn't seem that long since we started back and now it's getting closer and closer to Christmas!


Loads of lovely awards this week laugh


Courtesy Cup award this week goes to......

When I awarded the cup this week this lovely happy always smiling little lady didn't even twig on to it being her. Well done!! From the smile I can tell you are super proud of yourself as I know your family will certainly be too!! 


Star of the week this week goes to......

Emily C you are always helping me tidy up when you haven't been asked too. Well deserved!


Reading Awards this week go to......

Isla O and Harry V huge well done guys!!!!


House points:

Halsall 25

Tatlock 20

Bootle 20

Molyneux 19

Really close this week, keep it up!!


I apologise first and foremost about the reading records not going out. I thought they had been given out earlier in the day, my fault for not checking.

Anything your child reads at home over the weekend write it in their homework books please and we will count it up as normal. That way no child will miss out as I know there are some children really close to getting their next reading award!


Y2 class - remember when doing your homework to do the big jumps of 10 on the number line. Then add the number under the number line and make sure your final jump you have put the number in. This is really important!


Have a good weekend everyone.

More KC to come next week smiley


Stay safe everyone

Mrs G

Homework 18.11.20

It has been set paper based (this week) due to it being too difficult for them to access online. It was best it was set in their books.

It is on number lines which we have started today. I have included a step by step instruction sheet to help you with the understanding of what they need to do.

Please make sure they complete this and have it handed in by Monday 23.11.20.


Thank You

Mrs G

Homework as of 11th November

I just want to clear up a few possible homework issues that have been brought to my attention. I apologise in advance if there has been any misunderstanding in regards to the matter.


The only homework I have ever set all children is the daily reading, spellings and one piece of maths or one piece of writing (set alternative weeks).

The other educational platforms: TTRockstars / Education City / Purple Mash are available to all children to help bridge gaps from Year one. These platforms are not homework based and never have been for Year 2.

The work I have set on there is open ended, your child can visit as often as they like. There is no end date. 

The important work I set is what is in blue above.


So moving forward...

This weeks homework 11/11/20 they have had the usual 10 spellings set for them with additional 10 Key Words - they are currently being tested on all Y1 Key Words before they can move onto Y2 words. For them to move onto the next year group I have to see the words being used correctly in their work.

I have also added in a little piece on recycling for them to do - this links in with our 'materials' topic they have not long finished.


As of 18/11/20 any homework I set will be put on Google Classrooms unless you have already contacted me via the Y2 email ( or I have spoken with you if you are having issues with it. Please do this before the 18th so we can sort it out before I set it.

For the parents I have spoken with, yours will be as discussed.


Spellings will still be sent home paper based as normal.

Make sure all 5 columns are filled in pencil (not pen). All children who asked for a pencil for their homework have already been given one.

The children will only be tested weekly on the spellings and alternative weeks on the key words. It is still important for them to know these weekly for their work.

I have said if they put the Key words into sentences this will help with the spelling of them.


It is crucial that your child completes all homework that is set by date given either online or by returning the homework book back to school by the following Monday.


If your child is absent from school due to isolation they will need to complete all work that has been set unless there are exceptional circumstances that prevent this. If this is the case please make sure you inform myself or the school in advance please.



When reading a book at home with your child please make sure you are questioning them on what they are reading. comprehension skills are key to them being able to understand what they are reading:-

*Ask them to make a prediction on what they are about to read - get them to explain why they think this. At the end were they right?

*Discuss what has happened throughout what they have read.

*Recall of story or facts.

*Discuss language that is being used.

*Ask true or false questions.


The quantity of the reads is not as important as the quality of the reads. This is a huge push currently in Year 2. They need to be able to pull answers from what they are reading.


I hope this helps and has cleared a lot of things up for you.


There is an orange slip in your child's reading record please make sure you sign and date it when you have read the information above / in the book.


Many thanks

Mrs G



Friday 13th November


Another fantastic week of hard work from all the children!!!


Star of the week this week went to Nieve!! No doubt your family are super proud of your achievements laugh


Reading book awards this week went to Ewan and Jack EWell done boys!!!


Reading awards this week went to Macie, Arielle and Rocco. Huge well done guys!!!


House points...

Molyneux 96

Halsall 76

Tatlock 70

Bootle 69


What a week, Diversity week, Remembrance Day and Children in Need Day.... I hope they have kept you up to date with everything that has been going on. Not had chance to blink for fear of missing something laugh oh and school photos too smiley


So on Monday we had African drumming... ask them if they can remember the song cheeky or ask them if they can remember what they are made of?...



From this we then looked at someone who has been influential. We looked at Barack Obama. The children really enjoyed getting into this. They did lots of fact finding on him. From this they answered some questions as well as created individual fact finding posters on him. Ask them to tell you some interesting facts yes


We then looked at the African artist Oluseye Ogunlesi from Nigeria. 

The children looked at how he made his art work and have started to create their own versions...

(Completed images to follow of the end product, hopefully next week.)


We have also been looking at Remembrance Day and what it means to us. The children created a beautiful Poppy Wreath with thank you messages on for our class heart


They also got to create their own split pin poppys...


We finally got our Great Fire of London paintings finished too laugh


Overall, it has been a lovely week in Y2.

They have been brilliant! They have completed more knowledge checkers.

They only have one more to do but that can wait till end of next week.


They will be doing another practice run with their Phonics Test next week too so please keep practicing the real and alien words with your child at home. Simply type into Google - Phonics Check - You will come across all different types of websites. The GOV website is the best but there are loads of resources you can use on there too. Just make sure they can recognise which is real and which ones are alien. Ensure they can pronounce them correctly too and don't assume it's another word as that's what a lot of them do, they think it says something similar to what they know, and say it wrong.


Have a good weekend everyone!

Stay safe!



Mrs G x

Friday 6th November 


To say I am proud of Y2 is an understatement... laugh I will come back to this after all the awards this week (which I am also very proud of)...


Our Cullen Cup winner this week goes to...

Her progression in her work and presentation has blown me away in such a short time! Keep up the hard work! No doubt your family will be very proud cheeky


Star of the week this week goes to...

Harry R, a massive well done. Your resilience during our 'knowledge checkers' has been outstanding.


Reading awards this week go to...

Isla, Nancie, Olivia and Archer. Well done for your amazing achievements guys! smiley


House Points:

Molyneux 101

Halsall 100

Bootle 74

Tatlock 67


Right! Back to me being proud...

This week they have had all kinds of 'knowledge checkers (KC)' given to them (still currently marking) and they have all taken it on the chin. A few moments of worry and 'upset tummies' but overall I am so unbelievably pleased at how well they have got on with them all. It is a lot to take on especially at such a young age, as well as with everything that is currently happening, they have been truly wonderful this week.

We will be continuing these 'KC' next week as we have a few more to get through but not as many as this week.


As a treat they have had loads of 'down time' colouring in and even a whole afternoon of Golden Time today which included some sweets and a film.



Homework this week will only be spellings as they are doing a lot of writing and maths in school next week with the 'KC'.

Reading is still expected (3 reads a week minimum at home).

I know not a lot of reading has taken place during school this week due to what we have been doing but that is why it is vital they are reading at home.

We will be aiming to read with them in the afternoons next week, but it is very likely this week as well as last your child will only read once in school.

We cannot afford for them to miss out on the guidance being given if they are reading during the 'KC'.

(Everything will be back to normal the week after that.)

I have promised them all no matter how many times they read from this evening till Monday morning I will given them 2 house points per read that is dated, written in their records correctly and signed. I have said I will count any reads whether it is a school or home book.

The normal counted reads for their reading scheme will remain one read per day to be counted, but I will reward them separately for the additional reads.


Guidance with reading:

I cannot stress enough the importance of them reading and recalling what they have read. It is so vital that they can pull the information from the text and then they are able to discuss it with evidence.

As the months go on they will be getting more and more 'KC' on reading and writing from previous years papers.


Well I think I have rambled on enough for this week smiley I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Stay safe everyone.



Mrs G x


Autumn Term 2    (week commencing 2nd November)

Hi everyone we hope you all had a lovely half term.

This week I will be assessing the children in class (all week) so I will not be setting any homework/ spellings for those who are in.


Google Classrooms will be uploaded for the children who are isolating or off, please keep an eye on this as class work will go on there as normal.


Books will be changed regularly however not all children will read in class as we do not want them to miss any of the guidance in the assessments. 

So please make sure they are reading each night were possible.


There is still some work that is outstanding that has not been submitted on Google Classroom from over half term. Can you please make sure your child has completed everything that has been set and submit.


Thank You smiley


Autumn Half Term

Hope you are all enjoying being off school smiley

I have uploaded some things the children can do while they are off laugh

There are different scavenger hunts they do inside and outside, as well as brushing up on their spellings of their High Frequency Words and Common Exception Words.

These spellings are not compulsory to do over the half term but all children will be getting tested on them all over the first 2 weeks back in school.


There are loads of books your child can access online through the GetEpic account (log in details under class information section further up the page).


I am looking forward to reading all your Halloween stories too laugh (remember to complete this on Google Classrooms by due date)


See you all Monday. 

Enjoy Halloween!!!! devil

Wednesday 21st October - end of Autumn Term 1


WOW! WOW! WOW! What a week (a short one at that).


Firstly, thank you for all the food that was provided today, it was really and truly unexpected. But the children had a ball (I hope ). They devoured all sorts today - apologies in advance if they are hypo . Sorry I could not share all food given today. We can only hand out food if it is individually wrapped (I made sure this food went back to the children who brought it in). I really am grateful for you all providing food though.


As it is my last day with them before they break up tomorrow I made sure to do all awards today.




Our Star of the Week this week went to Isaac. The artwork he has produced this week for all things Halloween has been amazing!! Well Done Isaac!!


House points:

Molyneux 57

Bootle 43

Halsall 42

Tatlock 39


Well done Molyneux!!


Overall term winners though are............ Bootle with a massive 277 points! Well done to you all!! Each and everyone of you have impressed me so much this term! Keep it up!


So this week we have finished the messy part of our Great Fire of London paintings...take a look below.

When the pictures are finalised they will be uploaded in the new term. I am looking forward to displaying them in the classroom when they are all completed 


Have a wonderful half term everyone, I look forward to hearing what you have been up to in November.

Stay safe everyone and remember to keep an eye out for the pumpkins on Halloween.


Love Mrs G x


P.S Written homework this week/ half term has been set on Google Classroom. Please make sure the spellings are still completed in the books. One column daily. Test on the day we are back.


Halloween in school

On Thursday I have said the children can come into school in a Halloween themed t-shirt under their school jumper/ cardigan. I have said (with permission from parents/ guardians) if they have an old plain t-shirt they could create their own spooktacular t-shirt devil if they do not have one. I have said it's not a necessity they wear one. So if they don't have one that is perfectly fine.


In class on Wednesday we will be having extra Golden Time in the afternoon, so If your child wants to bring in some extra snacks they can (none to share unless individually packaged). This is my last day with them before we break up as I am on training on the Thursday. Otherwise we would have done this on Thursday.


Friday 16th October


Our Apter Cup winner is....

Huge well done!! laugh No doubt your family are beaming with pride, and so they should be, well deserved.


Star of the week this week went to Leo, for concentrating so unbelievably hard with his handwriting. Well done!! yes


Book awards this week went to Yvie and Max, really thrilled to give out our first reading book awards in Y2. Enjoy reading your new books guys! yes


Reading awards this week went to Ewan, Ella and Ava, huge well done!! yes


House points:

Bootle 63

Halsall 59

Molyneux 53

Tatlock 48

Well done Bootle!!


All the children have worked super hard this week!! Really pleased with all the work they have produced!!

I look forward to what next week has in store laugh


Few little reminders:

When reading with your child please make sure you write in their record the date, what they have read (pages/ whole book etc) and then initial/sign it. Every read counts! Maximum reads in one week is 7, the minimum reads are 3. Whether your child reads their own book/magazine for pleasure rather than the school book, document it in their records! They are counted up each week on a Friday.

Please remember to question them on it, their recall on what they have just read is very important. It's the quality not of the reading that counts not the quantity.


At home could you please get your child practicing their A B C's, it is really important they get to know the actual letter names rather than a b c. We have been doing this daily in school but ideally they need to keep practicing on a regular basis at home too.


Enjoy your weekend everyone! It's well deserved!!


Homework - 14.10.20


I apologise I did not give the books out before school ended. This will be rectified for tomorrow smiley

Google classroom - I have updated the Science research page. It is a whole class research project. Each child will do their work under the last. Apologies for any confusion caused. Instructions are on the page now.

Many thanks

Friday 9th October


What a week this week! We have a new member to our pack which I'm sure the children have already told you about. If not please keep a look out for the Newsletter laugh


Star of the week this week went to Joseph! For being really enthusiastic in all lessons especially during our Great Fire of London work. Massive well done Joseph!!


Reading awards this week went to Darcy, Joseph and Nieve. Huge well done guys!!!!


House Points:

Bootle 35

Tatlock 32

Molyneux 24

Halsall 18


Children have been really busy this week working through our topic work in both Writing and History.


They have made wanted posters today to go with the book we are currently covering 'The Way Home for Wolf'. Please ask them what they have been doing for this.


Please keep up to date with work being loaded on Google Classrooms. All additional work has been added along with a 'for pupil use' doc so they can complete any work that has been uploaded as a PDF or a picture of their workbook. Please make sure it is completed by the end date and submitted in time.


Have a lovely weekend everyone!




Friday 2nd October


Another fantastic week in Year 2!



Our courtesy cup winner today was....

Huge well done!! laugh No doubt your parents are beaming with pride, and so they should.


Star of the week went to Macie, such amazing determination, never gave up once after breaking her arm. Always has a smile on her face and continuously has her hand up. Love it Macie!! heart


Reading Award this week went to Ellie, such a pleasure giving reading awards out. Amazing Ellie laugh Keep it up!


House points:

Halsall 68

Molyneux 33

Bootle 18

Tatlock 13


Well done Halsall!!!


I have seen such a lovely change in class this week, think we have really started to settle and get into our stride now. 


We have been up to lots this week smiley however, sadly though we should have been doing lots of scientific experiments with our materials topic in science. But because of current implications we have not been able to get 'hands on' with materials. So the children have been promised, all experiments they miss out on (and they have to listen to me talk more) when we are safe to do so, we are going to spend a week catching up on all experiments. As there is nothing better than getting stuck in to something, especially in science. But by all means ask the children what they have been up too, I'm sure they can show you at home (all safe).


The children have been working exceptionally hard in their GCP books this week too!!


In History and Writing we have been really getting stuck into the Great Fire of London, the children are really enjoying this topic.

Hopefully by the end of next week we will have started creating our own interpretation of the fire and how London would have looked.

They have also been looking at Pepys' diary. 

Please ask your child what they have found out.


Any research they have done at home I would love to see!! cheeky


Here are some photos from this week...

Enjoy the weekend wink

Friday 25th September


Hi everyone, what another fantastic week in Year 2!! smiley


STAR OF THE WEEK goes to Isla M for beautiful reading. Her expression and fluency is wonderful. Well done Isla!! Keep it up.



I am so happy to be awarding my first lot of reading awards. I have no doubt I will be handing these out on a regular basis.

Well done too Macie, Ewan and Harry R. Keep it up guys!!



Bootle: 64

Halsall: 60

Molyneux: 31



We have been up to lots this week is class. Please ask your children to tell you something they have learnt.


We have started looking at the Great Fire of London in our History topic.


For our writing focus we have been given a lovely book ' The Way Home for Wolf'. The children have been looking at different stories with wolves in. We have looked at how the wolves are portrayed. 


During Maths we have been looking at addition and subtraction, the way in which we can work questions out. We have had a big focus on the language that is used as well. As this is really important for their understanding as the weeks/ months go on.


During PE we have still been focusing on movement and travelling. This week we became rainforest animals. We listened to rainforest music. The children had to imagine they were there amongst all the tress and wildlife. They then had to move around the hall as if they were the animal they had imagined.


Please see pictures below of some class work and PE work.


Important updates:

- Please make sure you are updating your child's food menu weekly. This needs to be done the Wednesday before the following week so we have time to order the correct food. If your child doesn't like something on the menu can you please swap it. We don't order in lots of spare food so we may not always be able to swap it if they don't like something. We are also having children who have not had meals ordered and we are then needing to make meals up. There are also children who are bringing in their own lunches but have also got a meal ordered. If your child no longer wants the meal can you please update it so we know what is needed. 

Getting the whole school lunches ready is very time consuming for our lunch staff so having the correct meals in place really helps.


-Reading: When reading with your child please make sure you write in their book what they have read and how many pages. We are needing to pull children from lesson time to ask them what they have read and how many pages. This is taking them away from what they are learning as well as stopping the TA from getting the books sorted quicker. Please see previous reading update to know what to be discussing with your child to help with their fluency and understanding.


- Homework is due back on a Monday - completed. Please see class powerpoint and newsletter on this.


- If you know me on any social media platform I would kindly ask that you do not contact me in regards to any school matters. I need to have a work life balance as I have my own children to see too out of school hours.

If you have any queries then please email the Y2 email:


- Please make sure you are keeping up to date with the current Covid-19 guidelines on We CANNOT offer any guidance.


Thank you for your continued support during home time, I am still trying to remember faces blush


Love to you all

Mrs G



Friday 18th September


Wow!! What a busy week we have had! 

Lots going in Y2.


Firstly; Cullen Cup award.

A huge well done to.....


Star of the week this week went to Max for his continued enthusiasm in every single lesson every single day. Amazing young boy!! Never stops smiling and always gives it his all in everything he does! Well Done Max!


House points this week:

Bootle 29

Halsall 22

Moleyneux 17

Tatlock 16


Well done Bootle!

Come on guys lets see who will win next week!


In class we have completed our first independent piece of writing on 'Orion and the Dark'. I am really looking forward to reading what the children have been writing about. They are very excited to have their first piece of work going onto the wall (pictures to follow).


They have also completed their first maths paper from Y1 Summer term. We know they didn't make it that far but this is just so we can were the children are up too.


They have completed lots of work in their recovery curriculum books too.


In science we have started looking at materials ready for starting our big topic cover on the 'Great Fire of London'.

The children have been very busy over the last 2 days discussing, finding and describing all the materials that we have inside and outside of the classroom.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

More exciting things to follow next week smiley


Mrs G x

HOMEWORK as of 16.9.20 - Purple Book


Hi everyone, the homework has now been given out to the children mail (this is now with all children - apologies for the mix up. My fault).


Homework books go home every Wednesday and they need to be returned the following Monday - completed.


Today we have discussed how it should all be completed but I will put it on here too smiley


Spellings: Please complete one column per night. There are 5 columns to take them up till Sunday. The spelling test will take place Monday morning.

Spellings may change depending on the child's ability and strengths.


Literacy/ Maths: This will be sent home alternative weeks.

This week they have been given Maths to complete. I have explained to them all how to do it. They have been doing this within their Maths lessons too. 

They either have to write the number that is written, add the word of the number or draw the quantity of the number (please follow the example on the sheet). The whole row should be completed for each one.



I have uploaded lots of activities on Education City for them to go through at their own leisure. This will help fill any gaps from Lockdown. It is mostly Maths at the minute.

I have also included Phonics to help them progress further.

(This will be getting checked weekly so please try and get them to complete one thing a week - any more is a bonus). Eventually I will start adding weekly homework with set dates on here but that will not be for a few weeks yet.

TT Rockstars is already up and running, their logins are already on their reading records. If you are having any issues accessing it please email the Y2 email or add a note in their reading records.

Purple Mash is still accessible for them all. No work will be set on here but they can go on and complete any work they want too. Especially with the likes of computing, there is lots of activities on here they can do which focuses on algorithmns and creating instructions for games.



Please continue reading with your child, we cannot stress how important reading is for them. Minimum 3 reads per week!

In Y2 reading becomes more of a comprehension. Here are some tips to help them become confident in comprehension work (very important for SATs);

- Making predictions at the start of a new book/ chapter. Make sure they are able to explain their answer.

- Getting them to discuss what has just happened. Recall is very important. Remembering names, what has happened, where they are, what they are doing etc...

- General questioning of the vocabulary. The language will start to get tricker so discussing it with them will really help their understanding. Getting them to use a dictionary to look words up is really good too. One they are learning how to use a dictionary correctly (this is a requirement for the curriculum) and two they are learning to do their own research.


I hope this helps. Sorry it is so long I just don't want to leave anything out. If you are having any issues or have any concerns about the work please email Y2.


Many thanks once again.

Mrs G heart


Friday 11th September

** please see uploaded pictures below


Hi everyone, cannot believe we are at the end of our first full week in school smiley

The children have really settled in well to their new routines. 


Letters home this week:

NHS nasal flu vaccination - please fill and return as soon as possible (even if your child is not receiving it, please still complete).

Times Tables Rockstars - this is to stay at home. Your child has a copy of this on their reading record too. This is for their access on their times tables. I will be using this as part of their homework but I will discuss this further next week in regards to their homework.


This week they have made some self portraits and used their wonderful knowledge on adjectives to describe themselves (pictures to follow when the display is up).


They have completed lots of maths in their brand new sparkly recovery curriculum books.


During writing we have been looking at 'Orion and the Dark', it looks at the fears that Orion has. The kids have really enjoyed this book so far. We have incorporated PHSE into this as well. Looking at our own fears. We created 'Our fears and feelings' board were we all wrote down something that scared us and how it made us feel. We then all talked about this and how Orion might overcome it to see if this could help us. From this they made a 'Friendly Fear monster'. Using their oracy skills they had to discuss with their partner how their friendly fear monster would look and what they would be like and how they would support them. They then got to make their very own one (pictures down below).


They have also started decorating their 'calm' boxes in class. If your child hasn't already brought a little comforter in please could you send one in that they can leave in their box. No-one will be touching their comforter this is for their own use only.


During P.E with myself yesterday we did some silly relay racing think it's safe to safe they found it very funny laugh


Few updates/ reminders:

*If we need to contact you we may use our own personal mobiles but the number will be withheld. Just in case you receive a withheld call from either myself or Mrs Bresnahan.

*We have been informed that all water bottles are to go home every night. Apologies for previous messages stating otherwise.

* Reading records from Y1- we are now counting up all reads from the day we closed to end of the Summer term. If you have your child's record could you please send it in so we can calculate their reading rewards. The ones we have in school will automatically be updated.

* If you still have a red maths passport file could you please return that to school. I appreciated these were sent home in error but we need them back so we can carry on with your child's tables records.

* Please send your child into school with their reading book, reading record and a book bag everyday.

* Please just remind your child that any games that are played during playtime in the morning or at lunch they are not having contact with each other. I know this is really tricky and not as much fun but sadly it is the new normal for us all.


Many thanks for your continued support when I am sending your children over to you at the end of the day. Your patience is appreciated while I am still getting to know faces smiley


Have a wonderful weekend everyone cheeky


Monday 7th September 


Hi everyone, I have sent home some of the children's maths passports (red files) in error on Friday. Could I ask you to please send those back in.


We were not able to change any of the children's books today. Our morning was very busy with teaching and organising work. We hope you can understand that we are still getting to know the children and adjust to our new routines, we will be going through them all this week. 


Children will read daily where possible and we will change books on a regular basis. We ask you to please be patient with us during this week while we are getting to know each.


Many thanks smiley

Friday 4th September


Wow! And just like that week 1 is over surprise

The children have settled in so well, albeit it has been very chaotic at times but that's to be expected. We are still trying to find our rhythm and routine and no doubt we'll have this sorted in no time laugh

Can I just say a huge thank you to all the wonderful parents and guardians for helping ease the children back into school life! 

And another huge thanks for your patience too. I promise I will start to remember faces for collection times but thankfully Mrs Randall is helping me for the first few weeks.


Few little reminders for next week:

- All children to have a school book bag/ satchel. No rucksacks as they are far too big especially the Smiggle bags. With us needing to keep all bags and coats in class (on chairs and under the tables) these are a dangerous tripping hazard. 

- please send your child in with a reusable water bottle. This will stay in class all week and will be sent home for cleaning on a Friday. No disposable bottles as these cannot be binned in school, therefore they would need to be sent home daily and that is not ideal. Unfortunately we do not have the resources during the current climate to give children cups for drinks.

- if your child hasn't brought a pack of tissues in as of yet please can you send some in for next week.


For the calm box that I mentioned in Wednesday's message, we will be starting to design these next week so please send in a small box they can decorate along with a small comforting item if you haven't done so already. Please no toys as children are drawn to these and we don't want them distracted for the wrong reasons.


Also a plastic bag so I can send the rest of the childrens books from Y1 for those who haven't received them already.



I have sent every child home with 2 books for reading. Please make sure whatever your child reads it's documented in their reading records. 3 reads minimum per week. Anything extra is a bonus!

The books maybe repeats as we need to cover any gaps that may have appeared during lockdown.

If you do have any reading books from over lockdown please could you put them in your childs bag so we can reuse them smiley (all books returned will be isolated for 72 hours before going back in circulation. Anyone handling them will wash their hands before and after touching them too)



Nothing has been set as of yet as we are all still settling in. They still have access to their purplemash and education city accounts if they wish to use them.

Homework will commence Wednesday 16th September. I will update what to expect nearer the time.



Remember outdoor PE kit to be worn on Monday - they have Pro Skills in after lunch.


Collection reminder:

Please remember collection is at 3.10pm on the playground. If there is space please stand on the stars, if not please stand to the side. The children will be brought round and lined up. If you see you child we kindly ask that you don't shout them to come to you or approach them. We will send them over to you one one by one. We also kindly ask that you don't walk around to the class as you are passing other bubbles who may be getting ready to leave. If you do have young children with you please try and not let them run over to your child as they are walking round.


Thank you again for your patience.

Any updates I will post on here so please keep an eye out.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing your wonderful faces on Monday at 8.50am cheeky 


Mrs G x


Wednesday 3rd September


Hi everyone, welcome back to the new school year. Mrs. Grainger and Mrs. Bresnahan would like to wish you all a warm welcome back. 

The Y2 classroom is all ready for you and we are excited to see your lovely smiling faces tomorrow laugh


Start time: 8:50am at the school gates where you will be met by either Mrs. Grainger or Mrs. Bresnahan. (Mrs.Grainger will be there to see you all tomorrow morning). The children will then be led to the classroom. 

Finish time: 3:10pm on the playground. The children will be lead out by Mrs. Grainger Tuesday-Friday and Mrs. Randall on a Monday. Please remember that only ONE adult is to collect your child. If the adult who is collecting is not one who normally collects please inform the school before the end of the day as for safe guarding reasons we will not be able to hand the child over until this has been confirmed.

Please be patient with us as this is new for us as well as your child heart and not all the staff will know your faces smiley


If your child is bringing a pencil case to school tomorrow please make sure it is a reasonable size as it needs to fit inside their trays. Please make sure it is clearly labelled, this will then stay in school it won't go home with them.

Please do not worry if they do not have one though, I have prepared a pencil case and a pack for all the children.


We would kindly ask that you could please send in a pack of tissues for your child to put in their trays. They can bring in hand gel if they require but hand washing is the best form and this will be carried out throughout the day. Please do not send in any creams/ lip balms.


I will be sending home their work books from Y1 so if your child could bring in a plastic bag this week that would be greatly appreciated.


P.E. days: (NO P.E. 3rd Sept)

Monday and Thursday

Please send your child to school in their full outdoor P.E. kit and a pair of trainers on those days. No football/ sports outfits please.


In class next week will be creating a 'calm box' so if you could please get a small box (with a lid preferably) that they could decorate as well as a small soft toy / comforting item they can put in it. This will be for their use only and it will be down to them to look after it.


We are really looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. We have lots of lovely things planned to ease you back into school laugh


Lots of love to you all heart


Here's what the class looks like so the children know what to expect tomorrow.