Melling Primary School

Year 3

Summer Term


Welcome back to the Summer Term.  Please take time to read the latest class newsletter.

Look at all the fabulous things we have been doing this Spring half term!

Happy Easter Craft!!

Anglo-Saxon quiz

Science Week - An Alien Invasion or a Clever Hoax?

Lego Workshop - Programming Robots

Magnets - making a magnetic track

Fractions Maths Investigation - Developing partner work and resilience

PHSE - Goals and Aspirations

Spring Term Changes

Mrs Jones is now back from maternity leave and is teaching Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons.  Mr Cleaver is teaching Thursday mornings and all day on Fridays.  We wished Mrs Summers a fond farewell at the end of Spring half term but we have already had the pleasure of seeing her around school working in other classes!


Mrs Jones will set Mathletics homework each week and Mr Cleaver will set English.  Remember reading, spelling and tables practise are all most effective when practised daily or as often as you can!  If you are unable to access Mathletics at home, there is an opportunity at lunchtime on Thursdays and Fridays to use a computer in the ICT suite.


Welcome back to a new year - Spring Term

You have all returned to Y3 after the Christmas break with a real enthusiasm for your learning, well done! We are thrilled to see your determined and resilient attitudes shining through, keep up the good work! Our termly newsletter will give you information about the exciting learning to come this term.

Maths Problem Solving and Reasoning

This term we are focusing on improving our problem solving and reasoning skills in mathematics. We have seen a huge improvement in your resilience and perseverance and have been thrilled in watching you determinedly search out the answer - not giving up until you find it! This strategy of having a go and being prepared to make mistakes along the way is showing us what mature learners you are becoming. Well done Y3! Keep it up!

Spring Term Newsletter



What a fantastic trip we had to Chester this week. We thoroughly enjoyed marching through the streets with our Roman shields and discovering what life was like for a Roman Soldier. We were really impressed with Mr Cleaver's and Miss Quinn's gladiator sword fight although many of us were disappointed with Mr Cleaver being declared the winner!


Every adult we met commented on your exceptional behaviour and Roman knowledge!

We were so proud of each and every one of you! Well done!


We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jo this term and thinking about how to be 'kinder than is necessary.' We have talked about how to look after each other, make each other feel good and be a good friend. We have been giving verbal gifts and trying to fill each others' buckets with kindness! This week we drew around different members of our class and filled them in with all the qualities that a good friend has! Can you practise giving verbal gifts this half term? Can you be 'kinder than is necessary'?


You should all be so proud of how hard you have worked this term. You have been great fun and have really settled well into Year 3! Have a great  break and we look forward to seeing you all on 31st October. Have fun!

What makes a good friend?


This week in Year 3 we have been finishing our explorer dance. In the dance we travel across various landscapes including space, forest and water.  We have been using our imaginations and lots of creativity in our movements.


A New Arrival! 


Another great week of learning in Y3 this week! We have enjoyed finding out about the Roman Soldiers and how they trained and have been impressing our teachers with our perseverance and resilience in our problem solving in maths! However, the highlight of our week was definitely when our Y2 teacher Mrs Maddock came in to visit us with her beautiful baby daughter Chloe who is less than 3 weeks old! We made sure we were really calm and quiet despite our excitement and loved meeting her and seeing Mrs Maddock again! We asked questions and enjoyed finding out all about how they are getting on! Have a great weekend Y3 and see you all next week for more fun and learning! 

A visit from Mrs Maddock and baby Chloe


This week in science we have been learning all about rocks. The class have been fascinated by how some rocks are formed, especially igneous rocks which are formed by the molten interior of the Earth which has erupted and cooled down. Thank you to all pupils who have provided various examples of different types of rocks, and even brought some in to show.



Wow! What a week we have had in Y3. Tuesday was out of this world when Starchaser came to visit us at Melling. We made rockets and fired them high on the playground. We learnt all about rockets and how they might be used more often in the future for us to become space tourists! We also carried out a science experiment to find out how many fins were needed for our stomp rockets to travel the furthest distance. We finished off by witnessing a real rocket being blasted into the sky above our school. Y3  you showed enthusiasm in everything you did and made us all feel proud! Well done!


We have had great fun reading and listening to Roman myths. This week we acted out the myth of Hebe and Ganymede - what a talented bunch you are! The children acted with confidence - using actions and loud clear voices. They worked brilliantly in their teams and produced amazing acts that they should be very proud of!

Well done Y3!

Acting out our myths!