Melling Primary School

Year 3

Week 3 




This week in year 3 the children have been working super hard on their 'papers' for Maths, English and Spellings. I have highlighted the word 'papers' as I have fostered Mrs Hughes's approach of not incorporating the word 'tests' into my philosophy towards assessments. The papers will give me, as their teacher, a greater perception into what gaps may have appeared during stay at home and what areas of the curriculum still need to be given a greater focus before we move on to our Year three objectives. I know I am biased, but I have to say all the hard work you parents have made with your children during the spring and summer really shows and it is amazing to see how far children have developed during this time. 


However, it hasn't been all about papers this week and we have managed to explore our focus in R.E that is Hinduism and started exploring our work on Chrome books! The children are really loving R.E right now, and as one of my specialism areas, this is so rewarding to see! The children might have told you we struggled to connect to Wifi so we are going to continue this lesson next week! Children were given a sign in and password during stay at home for google classrooms. If your child is willing, you could log into google classrooms and start to become accustomed to this mode of learning. I have set some simple tasks, that are not too strenuous. We have also looked at some practical maths, particularly three digit partitioning (pictures to follow). The children are doing amazing with this topic of work! 




All children have been given log ins for both Mathletics and Readiwriter. They are now live and children have been set work on both platforms. Spellings lists will no longer be sent home paper-based. These are available on readiwriter. Should you have any issues, please send me an email to (inbound only). 


Star of the Week


Well done to our star of the week- Zac! Zac has had an extremely focused and can-do attitude recently in Maths and his hard work is not going unnoticed! I will give Zac his class coupon next week. 


That is all from me! I hope Y3 and their adults have a lovely weekend and they certainly deserve some special treats this week for all their hard work! 


Miss Wood x 

Week 2 Update 


Wow! Just like that- another week at Melling is complete for our hardworking, fantastic Y3 children! 

We have had another amazing week in our classroom, with children working hard in all lessons. We also had some fun making masks, which children were able to take home. I know I have mentioned this a few times, but I am really impressed at how well-mannered and hardworking the children are in our classroom. The situation is ever-changing and I appreciate this is a hard time for us all, but the support from our parents and guardians is brilliant. Additionally, we have had another lovely addition to our year 3 family- Mila! Both girls have settled in really well and we could not imagine our class without them. 


Just a few reminders....


  • Could children please bring a plastic bag into school so we can send all their hard work from the previous year home to share with adults. 
  • Reading records are to be brought in each day so we can keep a record of weekly reads. Books only need to be returned when they are finished- teachers will use school copies of the books or children can read an additional book within their current level. 
  • I have given children a book from my personal library to utilise in finishing off time and this is purely for their own pleasure and will not be assessed or monitored. Therefore, could all books from the previous year please be returned. This will allow other children to use those books within class (children can also bring in their own personal books to read from home- as long as these are deemed as suitable for the classroom).  
  • Children are permitted to bring their own pencil case into school. As advised previously, please do not feel pressured as I have ensured all children have their own personal packs with everything that they might need. However, can we please ensure that these are small enough to be stored away in trays. Also, could children please sure they have their own disposable water bottle, pack of tissues and hand sanitiser (labelled as children are not always able to identify their own items in Y3!). 



Thank you very much for your patience. As I am new to Melling I have now been given access to all the online platforms that are used in KS2 at Melling. Children will receive log in details this week. Spellings have been sent home paper-based for this week. Moving forward, these will be published through the class page and will be available on Readiwriter. Children will receive log in details for the following; Readiwriter, Mathletics and Google classrooms. I will be working hard with the children to ensure they are accustomed to these platforms and are not relying on our busy adults. 


Thank-you again for your future cooperation and support. I promise future updates will not be so long! Hope you are having a fantastic weekend and I look forward to another fantastic week with my lovely Y3 children! 


Miss Wood x 


Our Lovely " Behind the Mask" activity!

The week ahead.......


Firstly, I hope all the lovely children in Y3 have had a lovely and well-deserved rest this weekend! We have had a fantastic start to the year last week and I am very excited for the year ahead. I would also like to thank our children's parents and guardians for all your patience during this initial transition back into school, as you can imagine this is a new situation for us all and we are ensuring we are doing everything we can to keep our school safe. 




As previously mentioned, P.E will resume this week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Just a reminder that children need to wear P.E kits on those days (tracksuit bottoms or joggers are permitted during the winter months and during colder weather). 


Reading books


Reading books have gone home this week. Please do not be alarmed if your child has already read the book they have taken home. We are having an initial assessment to ensure we cover any gaps that may have appeared during lockdown. Please return the books only when they need changing - they will need to be quarantined before going back into the reading scheme.  No need to send reading books into school for children to use in the day, they will be heard read in school using school copies of books.  Reading records do need to be sent in on a daily basis so that we can keep count of home reads and record children's reading in school.  Please remember, children need to be reading at the very least 3 times a week - daily is ideal if possible. I know the children in Y3 love reading so this shouldn't be too much of a burden for the children! 




I have set a small task over the weekend to pinpoint our cultural demographic differences in the classroom- no pressure to dig deep but thought it would be a lovely way to celebrate the ancestral diversity in Y3. Moving forward, we are looking at evolving our homework system and will be investigating more productive ways to set homework in the coming week- further details to follow. Children are still able to access the online platforms they have used during lockdown. 


School Kit


Children are permitted to bring their own pencil cases but please do not feel pressured to go out and buy one. I have ensured that all children have individual packs with everything they may need. However, it is essential that children bring their own reusable water bottle into school and pack of tissues. 


Thanks again for your help and support and I look forward to working with you and your children in the year ahead.... 


Miss Wood x

Our first day back!


Wow! To say I am impressed at how well the children have managed getting back to our 'new normal' at Melling is an understatement! I would like to take this time to say a huge thank you to all our Y3 parents from the Y3 staff, for all your patience and understanding during these times. The children looked lovely in all their fresh uniforms and I cannot believe how much they've grown over the spring and summer! It was lovely to see all the children. I would also like to say a huge welcome to our new member of Y3- Izabella! 


Quick update regarding P.E!


P.E lessons will start again next week. I understand there has been some confusion so don't worry if children arrive in their kits tomorrow. If you are able to read this message and pass it on to other parents, children are not expected to arrive in P.E kits until next week, on the days we have P.E (Tuesday and Friday). 


I look forward to having more fun and exciting lessons with all the children tomorrow! 


Miss Wood x 

Some pictures of our new and fantastic classroom!

Reading corner
Reading Corner
Working Walls

Welcome back!


Miss Wood, Mrs Cliffe and Miss Riley would like to welcome our new and fantastic Y3. The classroom is all set for tomorrow and all that we need now is our lovely, smiling children.  Don't worry if you have left some items in year 2 (P.E kits, pencil cases etc), Miss Wood has fetched those and they will be in your new  classroom.


Start time: 9:00am        Finish time: 3:20pm   

Drop off is by the playgroup gate and pick up at the same place. Miss Wood will be there to greet you on your first day.




P.E. days: Tuesday and Friday

Please come to school in your outdoor P.E. kit and a pair of trainers on those days. If the weather is cold and during winter months, tracksuit pants or joggers is permitted.