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Year 4

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Y4 2021/22 Important Documents

Meet the Teacher and CHET information evening documents


A big congratulations to the 9 children out of Y4 who took part in a kick rounders tournament at Maricourt High School. We won the tournament and were unbeaten throughout.

Please can all parents make sure that their child brings in their home spelling book on a Thursday and their homework file on or before Friday. This allows your child to have everything they need to support / extend their learning at home. If these have been misplaced and another book or folder needs giving out please email the Y4 email.

Thank you for your support.

Mr Fawcett 


I have set Spanish work on Purple Mash, this will help the children catch up on missed work and get them on track for Year 4 work. It's all on Classroom instructions and what can be found within a classroom setting.

Please feel free to do anymore on there laugh Just remember to hand in any completed quiz's.


Mrs Grainger

English writing support materials

There is no homework for the final week of term. They can use this week to start a project I was going to set them over the Easter holidays. A big focus in Y4 this year has been rainforests. 

I would like you and your child to try and create a 3D rainforest. If your child would prefer they can paint an A3/4 picture or make a nature picture. 

I will put some examples of 3D rainforests below in the next couple of hours.

Our amazing Y4 children receiving their rewards for their home reads!

Y4 sketching Barqueiros de Chatou by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Creating animation in computing - adding movement, changing the background and adding sound

Chick sitting in YR 25.3.22

Anglo Saxon Pottery

This weeks homework is due in on Thursday 17th because of the parent teacher meetings taking place on Friday. Any problems email the class page.

Wednesday 9th March

A reminder for Y4 parents. Y4 will be participating in forest school tomorrow morning (10/3/22). They need to wear their oldest clothes and shoes possible. They then have Active Sefton coming in to do yoga with them in the afternoon, so could they bring a bag with their PE kit in for them to get changed into at lunch time.


For any parents whose child goes to TTRS club. I won't be in school tomorrow, for personal reasons,  so unfortunately TTRS club will not be on. From the week commencing 14th March, TTRS club will only be on a Thursday from now on and no longer on a Monday.


Thank you for your support.

TTRS club

After a greater interest being shown than I'd have thought, by the class. I am opening the TTRS club after school on a Monday and Thursday, for any child who would like to come. If your child is wanting to attend, please send me an email so I can add them to the list of attendees. It runs from 3:20pm until 4:20pm



At the moment, White Rose Maths (WRM) who we use for maths are doing a  Year 4 Autumn Term – Addition and Subtraction EBOOK FOR FREE. The activities are designed to meet the aims of the national curriculum for mathematics:
- become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, including through varied and frequent practice with increasingly complex problems over time, so that pupils develop conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately.
- reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry, conjecturing relationships and generalisations, and developing an argument, justification or proof using mathematical language
- can solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems with increasing sophistication, including breaking down problems into a series of simpler steps and persevering in seeking solutions.

On Thursday 20th January, please can you child wear their PE kit as we have Emma coming in again from Active Sefton. 

There will be no homework or spellings set for your child over the Christmas holiday period. This is because each and every day they have worked their socks off and now deserve a well earned rest.

Updated Homework Expectations


TTRS – Should be completed every other night, if possible, only 10 minutes. Little but often will really benefit your child. 4x10 mins = 40 minutes

Spellings – New spellings will go out on a Thursday and their spelling test will be the following Thursday. It is essential that your child brings in their spelling book on a Thursday so they do not miss out on their new set of spellings. 5 x 5 mins = 25 minutes

Maths and English - On a Friday, they will receive one piece of A4 paper. On one side will be there maths homework and on the other side will be there English homework. If they have done any workings out on another piece of paper, please may you staple this to their homework sheet. It is important that they bring their homework file in on a Friday otherwise they will not be able to receive the following weeks sheets. If they complete their homework before Friday, they are more than welcome to bring in their folders and place them in the finished box which will be beside the window. 25 minutes x1 = 25 minutes

Therefore, your child should be spending around 1 hour 30 minutes each week completing their homework. This will reinforce your childs learning which they are doing at school. On top of this it is expected that your child is reading a minimum of 3 times per week, for 10 minutes at a time. 


Mathletics – This is extra maths homework if you feel your child may benefit from it.
Readiwriter (same login details as Mathletics) – This will no longer be happening as the children wanted paper copies of their homework and admitted to not accessing it. This has been replaced by their home spelling book and a weekly English sheet given out on a Friday.


What a tiresome first day we have all had at CHET! The children were all exceptional getting the trains from Kirkby to Hall Road. Then we completed the short , 30 minute, walk from the station to CHET. Once we got to CHET, the children met all of the staff and familiarised themselves with the place. The dreaded bed making challenge was an eye opener to some. Let's just say , don't be expecting your children to be making their own beds when they come home, on Friday. For tea, we had roast dinner and for pudding had chocolate cake with chocolate custard. The evening activity, yesterday, was the night walk which we would just like to say a big 'thank you' once again to Aurora's family for providing a class set of torches , donated through where she works. Once we came back, children had a drink and a biscuit for supper , a bit of a chill time in the lounge and then went to bed shortly after 9. All good things to report and every child is safe and thoroughly enjoying themselves now so it seems. 

Hopefully, today we'll be able to take some photos and upload them onto the class page so keep your eyes peeled, this evening. 



Google Classroom

For the children that are having to isolate due to Covid, there is work set on Google Classroom to complete daily. Maths and English will go live of a morning and the foundation topics will go live in the afternoon. The hand in times will be midnight of the day the work has been set.


If you have any problems just contact the class email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Mr Fawcett


Science Week

Times Table Practice

Firstly, a big thank you for all the home support you are showing to your children so far this year. In regards to practising their times tables, I can't emphasise enough how important TTRS is. Children should be going on this little (10/15 mins) and often, rather than going on for an hour of a weekend and then forgetting it again until the next weekend. Your child should be going on the 'teacher set' questions as this is appropriate to their level of times tables knowledge, at this present time. However, if you child could go on the soundcheck section once or twice per week, this is a mock of what their multiplication test will be like, at the end of Y4. Please emphasise to your child, speed is not a factor for soundcheck because as long as they have typed in their answer, they can let the bar run down and they still get the answer correct without pressing 'enter'.

Change to Y4's PE days

It will now be on a Wednesday and a Thursday.




To support their English work at home, as well as weekly spellings, Y4 children will be completing a chapter of a book on Serial Mash (Purple Mash programme) . This will include reading a short paragraph and answering 5 multiple choice questions. On occasions, there may also be a small computing based task to go with it. This will be set Thursday - Thursday.


There will also a multiplication game set every Thursday to Thursday which will help your child get ready for their Times Tables assessment at the end of Year 4. If your child is getting a low score now, do not worry, and tell them the same as it is all about progression and just being the best that they can be.


CHET has now been added to parent pay I have been informed. If there are any problems, please come and see me on the gate or email the class email.

This week we have been learning about the digestive system of a human. Here are some photos of the children labelling the different parts of each others digestive system.

Welcome back to school!


Mr. Fawcett, Miss Stewart and Mrs Taylor would like to wish you a warm welcome back.  The Y4 classroom is all ready and we are excited to see your lovely smiling faces tomorrow.


Start time: 9:00am        Finish time: 3:20pm   

Drop off and pick up at side gate which used to lead to nursery.


P.E. days: Wednesday and Friday (Starting the first FULL week back)

Please come to school in your P.E. kit and a pair of trainers on those days.


Reading Records

Your child only needs to bring in their reading record on the day they have their comprehension intervention day, unless they need to change their book beforehand. Please see the document below to see which day your child will be having their comprehension intervention.

Other useful websites

Please check the curriculum subject pages, for a larger quantity of websites. However, below are a few websites which will help your child progress further in Y4: