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Year 5

Answers to week 9's Basic Skills

Again, the answers to last week's Basic Skills will be uploaded later on.

Week 10:


Hi guys, it would be half term this week. I will still put all of the usual work as normal (basic skills, spelling sheet, grammar and edit paragraph tasks, weekly planner tasks as well as weekly Mathletics and Spellodrome). However, how much you get through is optional of course during half term. 


On your planner, it asks you to revisit fractions - so if you do find time, it would be good to see how much you can remember about all things fractions.


I hope you are still enjoying reading Matilda with the questions which last until the end of the story. 


Keep safe,


Mr Cleaver 

Answers to Y5 Basic Skills Check 4

Week 9's spellings, grammar challenges and Basic Skills. The answers from last week's Basic Skills will be uploaded shortly as there is a problem with the scanner again.

Week 9 (18/05/2020)


Hi Y5,


I hope you and your families are well. This week's theme on your planner is sport. Challenge yourself to be as active as possible during - Joe Wick's workouts on Youtube are super challenging.


Again, tomorrow morning, I will post the answers to your basic skills and grammar challenges from last week alongside your new spellings and challenges. As well as your daily activities and anything left in your pack, you have some area work on Mathletics. Remember, the formula for calculating area of a rectangle is L x W.


If you are looking for some additional challenge, BBC Bitesize has brilliant activities that are uploaded daily in a range of subjects for Y5.  


Throughout our Y5 year, we referred back to the climate and atmosphere damage humans are having on Earth - with things like pollution and deforestation. As an optional project, you could look at how the Earth, in some ways, has started to recover during the last 9 weeks and why. 


See you all soon,


Mr Cleaver 

Hi Y5,


We are starting our 8th week of working from home - I hope you are not only trying your hardest with your work but also at helping your parents as much as possible. I will challenge you to see who has retained their speed and accuracy with times tables on Mathletics - I cannot wait to challenge you in person again (remember, I never lose - well almost). Alongside multiple and factor knowledge, will be further time work. I know some of this is really hard but soon it will become super easy if you keep trying hard. 


I have uploaded your weekly tasks and activities as normal with some useful links to be completed alongside your weekly Mathletics and Spellodrome. Tomorrow morning (Monday), I will upload your new weekly spellings, edit paragraph, grammar task and basic skills sheet (with last week's working out and answers). If there are any homophones you are not sure about on the edit paragraph, please dedicate some time to mastering them.


I am missing Y5 life and have thought particularly about the science we will be missing - you know it's my most-loved subject. If you would like to try some at home, we would be working on Forces this term.


You could:

- Test air resistance by testing the best materials to make a parachute for a small toy (or paper clip). In Y5, we would usually use string to attach a small army man figurine to a square piece of various materials - such as a plastic bin bag, newspaper, cloth ect and test which material works the best as a parachute by dropping it from a height in the wind (make sure you time your parachute and hope for a safe landing). 


- Test water resistance by using Playdough to design a model that will cut through water and sink quickly - like a sail fish or a blue marlin (watch on Youtube how they are shaped to dive and swim through water really quickly). Can you design a couple of differently shaped models and test which is the most streamlined. 


- Test surface resistance (friction) by testing which material will slow down your bike or scooter wheel the quickest - place various materials lightly against a spinning wheel - see how some will stop the wheel really quickly (like a brake pad), others will hardly slow the wheel down and would therefore be a terrible design for a brake pad. 


Within forces, we would have also looked at gravity (and the influential work of Isaac Newton) and looked at machines/mechanisms that use pushes, pulleys and leavers. 


Please make sure you look at the website every Monday for your weekly tasks and answers from the previous week's basic skills.


See you soon 


Mr Cleaver 


Hi guys, 


It feels strange planning for a 7th week without being in Y5. I hope you and your families are safe and well! Please keep trying hard to help out and keep your grown ups happy!


I hope you have all had a go at the basic skills sheets that have been up. For the answers this week, I will put up a working out sheet to remind you of how questions 1-20 should be calculated (questions 20-25 are usually random problem solving).


There is a variety of daily writing challenges on your weekly overview - however, if you would like to focus on your own big write/story that would be great too. 


Please make sure you are keeping up with your times tables and Mathletics as well as your writing as your improvements before we left were astonishing - please keep it up!


I will post your new spellings, basic skills (and last week's workings out and answers) on Monday morning. 




Mr Cleaver 


Mr Cleaver

Week 6


Hi Y5,


I hope you and your families are well. Please remember to do your 3 proofreads of your daily writing tasks and your big writes. I hope your discussion text about mobile phones went well. 


One thing that we can start to make mistakes on when we are away from home is homophones. Start this week by writing as many pairs or groups of homophones as you can remember/find - such as were, where and we're or here and hear. Once you have a bank of homophones, try to explain to your loved ones what each word means (see if there is any that you are not 100% on). This week for your big writing task, I would love you to focus on the country of Brazil. We started to look at Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest in geography and our reading tasks. Therefore, it would be brilliant if you pick a style of writing (it could be a story or a factual text) that has something to do with Brazil or the Amazon Rainforest. Don't forget your complex sentences (using parentheses and subordinate clauses) and your variety of exciting and new openers. 


For you maths work for the following weeks, we will be focusing on time - if you have Mathletics homework to catch up on, could you please try and catch up so that you only have time work outstanding by the end of the week. 


Tomorrow, I will attach last week's basic skills answer sheet and your new basic skills sheet and your new weekly spelling list. 


Thank you for trying hard at home.


See you soon 


Mr Cleaver 

Week 5


Hi Y5,


I hope you and your loved ones all had a lovely Easter!


I have attached your weekly planner for week 5 and updated your Mathletics - this will be your final week on fractions. I will also attach a copy of your basic skills sheet for each week from now on. You do not need a printer as you can just write the answers on a sheet of paper (I will post the answer sheet the following week for you to check your answers).


For writing this week, I would love you to plan, discuss and write an discussion text with help from the views of your parents. If you think back to our last discussion text, you all created a balanced and impartial debate on, "Should schools use uniform or not." This time I will like you to focus on if schools should allow children to bring mobile phones to school or not. Please think of an equal and balanced number of reasons for and against having mobile phones in school - before giving your own opinion in your conclusion. Once finished, please check your writing so that it has the following: a relative clauses, brackets, dashes and a variety of openers. 


Please stay safe and keep a smile on the faces of your loved ones.


Mr Cleaver

Week 4


Hi guys, 


I hope you are all enjoying Easter! I have uploaded another weekly timetable and set new activities on your online platforms (Mathletics ect). However, as it is Easter, I understand if you are doing less work. It would be great if you did keep working hard on the basics though. Your Maths focus for the following week is again fractions (some of these are really challenging - just give it your best go!)


I hope you have also enjoyed writing your Matilda big write - again, with it being Easter break, if you need more time to write this, then that is fine. I cannot wait to hear about some of your stories. Please check it has the structure of stories we have written so far this year: introduction, a build up, main action and a resolution/ending.


Also attached this week is some resources for you to look at with your families, which include some optional E-safety and PSHE activities.


I am looking forward to seeing you all soon!



Mr Cleaver 


PSHE resources:



Week 3 plan

Hi Y5,


I hope you and your families are doing well! Even though it is the Easter break, I will continue to place tasks and activities to help keep you busy. 


In these strange times, one thing I have enjoyed is having more time to exercise - try as much as heart-racing activities as you can this week. Also, why not try to get involved in any cooking or baking going on in your house - I bet you will love it!


For the following week, I think it would be great for you to plan and write a 'big write' focused on Matilda. I hope you are enjoying reading it as much as I do. Can you create your own characters and school setting? Try creating character names that are a play on words - like the discussed Mrs Honey, Bruce Bogtrotter and of course Ms Trunchbull). Will your main character face problems but somehow manages to turn their life around (maybe even using magic)? Don't forget to proofread your writing after every sentence - checking you are including a variety of opener styles, brackets, dashes, commas and relative clauses in every big write! One final thing for your Matilda write... Have you noticed how Roald Dahl is incredible at using metaphorical language for humour and description? Try to add as much of this as you can (similies and metaphors can elevate your writing greatly)!


Your maths homework for the next couple of weeks will be everything we have learnt about fractions. I know some of these will be really hard - just give it your best go!


I am really looking forward to getting back to Y5 life - please try to be the best that you can be to make your grown ups happy!


Mr Cleaver


**Parents, please note that we are unable to offer printing or additional learning packs as there are not enough staff in school to be able to do so.  Thank you for understanding.**

Weekly planner 2

Hi Y5, 


I hope you and your families are all doing well! I have attached a new weekly planner for the upcoming week to allow you to continue with your home learning. Again, there are tons of activities alongside the work in your packs and Mathletics (please don't think you are expected to do them all - but make sure your fantastic progress in Y5 is continued).


When writing this week, try to show off by using a variety of openers (subordinate and adverbials), as well as a variety of parentheses styles in every paragraph you write - including relative clauses.  Make sure you help your adults at home as much as possible to keep them smiling!


Remember, if there is anything you do not get (or cannot find the answers for), just have your best effort and I will see it soon enough!


Looking forward to seeing you all soon,


Mr Cleaver 

Hi Y5,

As well as your packs that have been sent home, there will be packs and planners put up every Monday morning on this page. There are tons of activities - therefore, you might choose to do some and not others. Please work hard to maintain the outstanding progress you have all made so far this year. I look forward to seeing you soon!




Mr Cleaver

Home learning planner - week 1:


Y5 have just finished a 2 day bikeability course, designed to help them stay safe when cycling on the roads. A second group of children who had not cycled before, or were not confident cyclists, did us proud, by not giving up and learning to cycle independently around the playground.