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Year 5

Have a look at our lovely class - what a gorgeous bunch!

Take a look below at what our wonderful Year 5's have been up to laugh

20.6.22 This is just a polite reminder that your child is still required to read a minimum of 3 times a week. This has not changed.

We are getting some children coming in week on week with no reads in their reading records. Your child can read any book of their choosing, it doesn't need to be their school book (as we know these can sometimes not always hook their attention).

A simple date, what they have read and signature / initials is all that is needed. Even if your child writes in what they have read and you sign it off.

Reading is a crucial part to any child's learning!


If you child does not meet the required minimum reads they will stay in each break to complete what they have missed.


Many thanks


Homework expectations

Homework is statutory and vital for children's progress.  Please see the recommended homework tasks below.  Links to the websites are on the Home Learning section of the website. 



For Science the children are comparing two species of animals in class. They are looking at mammals, insects, amphibians and birds. They need to look up any other facts they haven't learnt in class to complete their comparison work.


Kind Regards

Mrs Grainger

Usernames and passwords remain the same and are attached to the front of your child's reading record.  If you have any problems logging on, please let one of us know and we will endeavour to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


ReadingPlease remember, even in Upper KS2 when children are fluent and able to read independently, they should be reading at home at the very least 3 times a week - daily is ideal if possible.  This is vital for progress in comprehension and vocabulary building skills.  Please see the Reading page for reasons to read:

Spellings – Children will be given new spellings every Friday, for a test on the following Thursday.  It helps to write the words out on paper and to say them out loud.  Please see the Phonics and Spelling section of our website for more strategies and information about spelling in Melling.  Also, it is useful to know the definition of the words and to put them into sentences.  This helps with vocabulary skills, contextualising the words and improves writing skills.  Practising spelling and handwriting at the same time helps children to commit the spellings to memory by linking with movement.  Your child will learn spelling patterns as well as common exception words (Key Words) that do not fit a regular spelling pattern.  Readiwriter is there to support spelling practice.

Cup Winners - Apter / Courtesy / Cullen

Water colour rainbows to show emotions

Sketching for mindfulness

Looking at flowers and how they are formed - Science

Science - looking at irreversible materials

All ready for the new Summer term

Easter cards

Red Nose Day 2022 - our heroes who inspire us!

Looking at magnetism in materials - Science

The children had a fantastic day yesterday (as I did I) during our Space Man visit.

We hope you enjoy all the photos.

Please ask your child lots of questions, it was a jam packed day!! laugh

World Book Day 2022

Science - experimenting with water resistance

Budding artists in the making - Keep them coming guys :D