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Year 6

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Reminder - all lunches booked for after half term were deleted (and reimbursed) last week due to the new menu being introduced.

Apologies for this is it just how parentpay works and out of our hands. Please check your lunches and re book if need be. 

You must also select a dessert as well as 1 main meal before you can confirm your bookings. Lunches for the first week back must be booked by Wednesday 12th April 12pm. Any problems please email me at 


Thanks again for your understanding - Have a lovely Easter break!

Last week's star of the week - George - WELL DONE!

New science topic - Living Things and Their Habitats: pupils have worked in groups to present one of the five kingdoms to the rest of the class

Creating working buzzer games - complete electric circuits!

Finished skylines

Liverpool skyline (first sketch) - inspired by the work of Stephen Wiltshire. Completed versions with painted backgrounds to follow!

Well done to last week's Star of the Week - James!

Welcome to week 5. Well done Poppy for winning Star of the Week in Starbooks!

In this afternoon's science experiment, pupils planned and carried out their own investigations (in groups) to see what affects bulb brightness.

- Some groups enquired 'what will happen if I change the amount of light bulbs?'

- Other groups tested 'what will happen If I change the amount of batteries?' 

- A final group questioned 'will the amount of wire affect the brightness of a bulb?'


Each group presented - just like scientists - their conclusions to answer their own theories. 



Autumn newsletter Y6

Welcome to Y6!


What a fantastic start Y6 have made in their final year at Melling! Pupils have worked really hard in their first week with their baseline assessments and some exciting science (building electric circuits to light a lightbulb) and history work (exploring the location and history of the Ancient Maya).



Y6 2022-2023