Melling Primary School

Year 6

Welcome to our webpage! We hope you enjoy looking at all the exciting learning activities we do in Year 6. Important information will also be available so please keep looking!


What a fabulous time we had in Glaramara!
 A copy of the holiday meeting slides as promised!
A copy of the school holiday parent information leaflet
A huge thank you to Year 6 for helping to run science week. Not only did you learn lots of information yourselves, you were fantastic teachers for the younger children!

Copy of Sat meeting slides as promised!

We all enjoyed making lots of circuits during our electricity days!
We learnt how dangerous railway tracks are during a film clip and discussion lesson by representatives from Mersey Travel.
The last time we shall make Christmas party hats in Melling!!

Year 6 Autumn newsletter

Our first week in Y6 and Mrs Toborne and Mrs Whittle are impressed with our hard working attitude!
Y6 are enjoying finding out about World War 2.
Maths on the playground! We worked together to find the relationship between the radius, diameter and circumference of a circle.
Our Melling Parish Council are doing a wonderful job and Mrs Miller is thrilled with their efforts. Well done. We are all very grateful.
We have been enjoying our inspiration week and especially the craft session with our 2 visitors.