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Good afternoon Year 6! Well, it is officially your Easter holidays now and I hope you are all well. Just  wanted to let you know I have finished marking your "Man On The Wire" writing and have really enjoyed reading every single one- they are all different and brilliant. You should all be proud of this piece of writing. Although, no written work has been set for the holidays, there are optional activities (WEEKLY LEARNING PROJECTS) on our class page of suggested things to do to keep your brain ticking over! For all you David Walliams fans, he has a daily reading session of his books and there are lots of celebrities offering learning opportunities - Carol Vorderman (Maths) Joe Wicks (PE) Myleene Klass (Music) Darcy Bussel (Dance) Ben Fogle (Geography) Dan Snow (History)

Now for more Melling Memories - 

Year 6 : When Mason threw his squishy on the ceiling and it stuck!

Year 4: When Isobel always wanted the sharpest pencil - I think that is because you always want your writing to beautifully neat yes

Year 2: Going to Gullivers World as a reward for being such a good class.


**Parents, please note that we are unable to offer printing or additional learning packs as there are not enough staff in school to be able to do so.  Thank you for understanding.**

Good afternoon Year 6 - hope you are all well and putting a smile on the faces of the people who live in your house smiley   Now on the second week and still keeping up with Joe Wicks - are you? yes Now for tales from memory lane -

Year 1- Khalel doing the ice bucket challenge.

Year 3- Mrs Miller getting stuck in the stock cupboard - who rescued her?

Year 6- Lucy T, Mia and Emily attempting the 3 people piggy back challenge- it failed!


The First News Newspaper is now sending it online for you to read. Why not choose an article and discuss it with a friend. You might even start up a daily debate on your WhatsApp group!


Hello Year 6! Well, a week has gone by already and I hope you have all been well and keeping up with Joe Wicks! Say hello to all your families from myself, Mrs Whittle and Mr Millingtonsmiley Here are a few more memories; do you remember these?

Y5- Mrs Allen's famous stories - can you share any?

Y2- When Molly first told everybody about Sassy Pants- spill the beans Molly!

Y3- When Mrs Miller got locked in the stock cupboard.

Good morning Y6 ! I hope your home learning is going well. Remember to include in your day things that make you smile. smiley It could be a craft activity; kicking a ball in the garden; reading a book; listening to music;  making cakes and,yes I said it, going on the play station! The weather is being very kind to us so make sure you get outside in your back garden and get some sun on your face!

Here are a few of your memories so far : 

YR- When Mrs Hargreaves introduced us to a real life dinosaur egg- yes admit it; you all thought it was real!

Y4- Having fun learning about the Egyptians and walking like one too!


Hi Y6, hope you have all had a good day today! Remember if you find a question difficult use our class motto "Have a Go." You can ask an adult for help but you can leave out a question if you are still stuck. The weather has been lovely and is looking good for tomorrow so try and get outside and get some fresh air, sunshine on your face( my happy place!) and some exercise. Keep making people around you smile smiley xxxx

Year 6 have continued to impress me with their hard working, calm attitude in the last few days. They really are a special group of children. We are very proud of them. smileyyes

Although Sat tests will not take place in May, it is vital the children complete the work set in their home learning packs to prepare for high school.


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Welcome to Y6's web page. The children have made a great start to their final year. 

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