Melling Primary School

Year 6

Derwent Hill Residential

Dear parents/carers

Please find below the information for our upcoming trip to Derwent Hill Outdoor Centre in Keswick. All the information you need is included in the letter. We have also attached a video of the activities your child will be participating in. We are not planning on having a virtual meeting with you all as the information is all included. If anyone has any questions or concerns or things staff need to know please come and see us individually.

Please can I stress the importance of NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES on the trip.


Mrs Hargreaves 

Derwent Hill

Y6 Cricket After School Club

Apter Cup winner - Olivia!

This week's Apter cup is going to someone who we are so proud of in Y6. This young lady personifies what the Apter Cup stands for: someone who never gives in and always tries their hardest; someone who always tackles every challenge with a 'can do not can't do attitude' and someone who is extremely resilient. You are shining this year Olivia - your improvements in every subject are incredible and you are such a joy to teach - well done!

Courteous Cup winner - Jaime-Leigh:

Well done to this week's winner on a fantastic start to Y6 - Jaime-Leigh. You have impressed us all so much this year. In particular, Mrs Whittle has praised you greatly for your manners, courteous approach and hard-working nature when working on corrections - always approaching your challenging work with a smile and a can-do attitude. You are such as great influence on our class and have such a positive personality - which is incredible!


Well done!

Cullen Cup winner - Isla

This week's Cullen Cup is going to Isla. Your start to Y6 has been incredible! Although your work was already neat and always presented to a high quality last year, this year it has been elevated even further; your presentation in all subjects is now immaculate. You could have been winning all three of our cups today Isla; your determined and 'have a go' attitude has really shone this year!


Well done Isla!

Courtesy Cup winner - well done Billy!

Our cup winner for this week is Billy. You have made such an incredible start to your life at Melling Billy! In such a short time, you have become such a confident member of our class - both your contribution and determined attitude are remarkable! Your great sense of humour and ability to laugh at yourself have already made you an incredibly popular member of our class.


Well done Billy!

Y6 Netball After School Club Thursdays

Hi Y6 parents,


Under the difficult circumstances we are all facing, I would like to say what an outstanding start all of your children have made to Y6. 


I have previously uploaded work onto this page for pupils who need to work from home. From next week, all work will be uploaded through Google Classrooms. Therefore, you will be able to take a photograph of the work completed (if it is to be done on paper) or simply post it (if it is an online document). All pupils have written their Google Classrooms log in their journals - if they have not, please just give me a call and I will give you it.


Thank you


Mr Cleaver

Our first cup winner!


Well done to Bobby who has been awarded Y6's first cup of the year - The Courtesy Cup. You have started Y6 exactly how you left Y5: with hard work, resilience and even stood out to Mrs Whittle for your courteous manner - we are very proud of you!

Well done Bobby!

Hi Guys,


If you are off for any reason, but are able to do work, please keep an eye on the school website as I will post some of the work we are doing in class so that you do not fall behind.


For maths, I have attached some of the fraction work that we have done this week.


For writing, we have continued to focus on our Newspaper Article on 'The Man Who Walked the Towers'. 


In science, we will continue looking at animal classifications. 


Please try to log in on Google Classrooms to add a comment and have a go at any challenges I have set so that I know you can access it. 




Mr Cleaver

Welcome back! 

Hi all - I can’t believe you are all starting Y6 tomorrow. It feels strange that I too will be starting Y6 with you tomorrow but I am so excited to do so and I know Mrs Whittle is looking forward to getting to know you all more.


I am delighted to have you all again after not having a full year together. After having the summer to prepare for Y6, and look at the work, I am so confident for all of you and know how amazing you will be! 

School start time for Y6 is 8:40. Your entrance to the school is the playgroup entrance (side door at the end of the car park). We will leave through the same door at home time (3pm).


Your PE lessons for the first term will be of a Friday afternoon. On this day, you will come to school dressed in your PE kit (tracksuit bottoms can be worn if it is too cold for shorts).


See you all tomorrow,

Mr Cleaver